New Dying Light 2 trailer shows combat, parkour and crafting updates

Dying Light 2 Stay HumanTechland

As we gear up for Dying Light 2 Stay Human, Techland has given us a glimpse into the enhanced parkour, crafting and combat mechanics that make the sequel stand out from its predecessor. 

Post-apocalyptic titles have become a staple in the gaming world, but no studio does it quite like Techland. With Dying Light 2: Stay Human (Dying Light’s highly anticipated sequel) lurking on the horizon, players can’t wait to sink their teeth into all that the game has to offer.

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As snippets of the title’s storyline trickle out of the shadows, the devs have sat down to tell players a little more about the action side of the game in ‘Dying 2 Know MORE #3.’

So strap on your running shoes and get ready for some parkour madness, as Lead Game Designer Tymon Smektała and Senior Producer Kornel Jaskuła have spilled their guts about combat, crafting and more.

Dying Light 2Techland
The virus has engulfed Harran, and it’s up to you to stop it.

Dying Light 2: Parkour & Combat

Breaking the mold of the average survival game, Jaskuła notes that “a player can go for tactics, stealth, parkour  – not only combat and survival. The options are numerous, and they can create and shape the environment to their liking, or in some situations avoid the fights.”

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In order to upgrade the game’s combat, Jaskuła reveals that “we added many parkour skills, and some of them are combat specific.” Citing several different lethal combinations, players have the flexibility to play out battle scenarios however they like.

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Smektała also highlights that these mechanics aren’t locked behind a skill wall, as movements are “quite easy to pull off, even for the players that don’t have much experience in action games.” Jaskuła concludes that “with enough creativity, all of the players will be able to master parkour in the game.”

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Dying Light 2: Crafting

In terms of crafting, the original system has been given a complete overhaul. While blueprints still exist, you’ll have nine levels of upgrades to pick and choose from, and you’ll also be able to create items from scratch. Weapons also now have three mod slots, and mods can be transferred across to any weapon.

Craft Masters will also be joining the game. These NPCs “give you small tasks usually focused on gathering resources. When you complete them, they will upgrade your blueprints so the items that are produced are more effective.”

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As we draw ever closer to armageddon, we can’t wait to see how Dying Light 2 continues to evolve. We hope it doesn’t mutate, though. That would be really, really bad.

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