NBA 2K players believe top 5 plays reveal gameplay problems

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Some NBA 2k22 players claim that a video showing the top 5 plays from the NBA 2K league highlights the game’s flaws.

NBA 2K22 players recently blasted “lazy” developers for reusing commentary from the previous year. Weird bugs, such as 99-year-old free agents generating in Dynasty mode, also plague the game.

The NBA 2K 22 League may have revealed much more glaring issues for the franchise.

22 NBA teams have NBA 2K League Teams. These teams feature some of the world’s best NBA 2K players.

Watching 2K at the highest level is a spectacle, but some players believe that it also reveals the game’s biggest flaws.

NBA 2K22 players criticize state of the game

nba 2k22 2k23 charging foul issues2K Games
2K Games has yet to fix the charge-related bugs in NBA 2K.

The NBA 2K League’s TikTok account posted a video featuring the top five plays from week one of the season.

NBA 2K22 players mocked the video on Reddit, pointing out that all of the plays were eerily similar and used the same few mechanics to get open shots.

In most of the plays, the ballhandler dribbles side-to-side or down the whole court and do a step back three without ever passing the ball.

NBA 2K players are very familiar with this move, as it all but guarantees an open look at the basket.

One Reddit user said, “s**t not even basketball no more.”

A second user complained, “this is literally why I don’t play online anymore. I’m trying to play basketball, not zig-zag and press square simulator.”

Some users complained that the NBA 2K League is “unwatchable” because of the formulaic gameplay.

With NBA 2K23 set to release in September, many players are hopeful that the latest edition will remove a lot of these cheese moves.