Naraka Bladepoint reveals NieR crossover ahead of World Championships

A screenshot from a trailer of a character from Nier24 Entertainment / Square Enix

Naraka Bladepoint’s “Naraka Fest” event revealed new characters, a new platform, and a new mode, but the big addition is a crossover with Square’s NieR franchise.

Naraka Bladepoint, the melee-based battle royale, held its Naraka Fest event today ahead of this weekend’s World Championship Finals, and there was plenty for fans of the title to get excited.

Aside from a deluge of news about the next addition to the roster, a new platform, and an addition to the Showdown PvE mode, 24 Entertainment revealed a collaboration with Square Enix’s action series, NieR.

Key art for the Naraka and Nier crossover showing a field of flowers with a katana24 Entertainment / Square Enix

Naraka Bladepoint & NieR crossover: Everything we know

The unexpected crossover will see NieR-inspired content arrive in Naraka Bladepoint. In a press release, 24 Entertainment said players can expect “expect exclusive new content inspired by characters and weapons from the world of NieR”.

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The collaboration reveal trailer can be found below:

No further information was given, but the Naraka Bladepoint and NieR crossover is likely the highest-profile one in the game’s history so far.

Earlier this year, a Viper Ning skin was added to Fall Guys, while there have been prior crossovers with Shadow Warrior and The Legend of Sword and Fairy.

NieR, on the other hand, is also no stranger to crossovers. Square Enix and Yoko Taro’s franchise has been seen crossing streams with the likes of Monster Hunter, Dead Cells, and even Rainbow Six: Siege. The game’s most celebrated appearance in another franchise is its inclusion in Final Fantasy XIV.

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