Naraka Bladepoint reveals new weapon, character & PvE mode at Naraka Fest event

A character stealthing in Naraka Bladepoint24 Entertainment

Naraka Bladepoint’s “Naraka Fest” event offered plenty of new information for fans of the battle royale title.

Naraka Bladepoint, 24 Entertainment’s popular battle royale, will come to a new platform, and add new content in the coming months, as revealed at the developer’s Naraka Fest event today.

Ahead of this weekend’s World Championship, 24 Entertainment revealed the game’s next roster addition and plenty more, alongside a surprising NieR crossover.

Feria Shen in Naraka Bladepoint24 Entertainment
Feria Shen will be Naraka Bladepoint’s newest hero.

Everything announced at Naraka Bladepoint’s Naraka Fest

The game’s next hero is Feria Shen, capable of riding a mech into battle. The mech, adorably named Trouble, can be called as part of Feria Shen’s Ultimate ability, and can deal huge damage. Feria Shen arrives on December 22.

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The full trailer, featuring a gameplay showcase of Feria Shen can be found below:

Also arriving on the same date, Naraka Bladepoint will get an Xbox One version alongside its Xbox Series S & X version that launched earlier this year. The Xbox One version will launch straight onto Xbox Game Pass for December, too.

We spoke to the devs earlier this year about the game’s first console port. You can read the full interview here.

Naraka Bladepoint’s co-op PvE experience is growing, too, with Showdown Chapter 3 coming in January of 2023. The next chapter will see players tackle the Yushan Ruins, a mountainous new battleground where they’ll come face to face with Viper Ning’s mother.

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The game will add a new weapon type, the Pole Staff, in February 2023. In a press release, 24 Entertainment described the new weapon as follows:

“Heavy, yet powerful, and styled after the Chinese God of War, Guan Yu, its legendary Souljade can summon his mythic steed, Red Hare, ready for battle.”

For more on Naraka Bladepoint’s World Championship, be sure to check out our hub, as well as our coverage of the NieR crossover.