Steelrising, Greedfall 2, and everything we saw at Nacon’s Bigben Week

Steelrising image showing a castleSpiders/Nacon

Nacon’s annual Bigben Week event showed off plenty of new games, and Dexerto was able to take part in Paris. Here’s what we saw.

Nacon may not have been a publisher just a few short years ago, but the company has grown to acquire sixteen studios, all with projects in the works for this year and beyond.

The company’s Bigben Week, named after its parent company but taking place in Paris, is an ideal time to see what the French publisher is up to.

What we saw at Nacon’s Bigben Week event


Steelrising screenshot showcasing combatSpiders
Steelrising could be a breakthrough hit for Spiders.

Steelrising, RPG studio Spiders’ new Soulslike action title is shaping up to be really promising in the hands-off demo we saw.

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In the game’s alternate history, players will take to the streets of Paris in the midst of an industrial revolution and battle King Louis XVI’s mechanical army.

Marrying a snappier brand of Souls-style combat with multiple pathways and fluid traversal against the backdrop of a city in tatters a la a third-person Dishonored, it could be a very pleasant surprise in the second half of 2022 — it launches on September 8.

Greedfall II: The Dying World

The studio also confirmed that Greedfall II: The Dying World, a sequel to the 2019 original, is in early development. It’s slated for a 2024 release.

WRC Generations & Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown

WRC Generations screenshot showing a snowy routeKT Racing
WRC Generations will offer a new Rally Sweden environment.

Elsewhere, KT Racing confirmed that its next rallying title, WRC Generations, will launch in 2022. It’ll include adjustable engine mapping, a new league system, and the introduction of hybrid cars.

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KT Racing also announced that Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown will now release in 2023, and will no longer launch on PS4 and Xbox One.

Tour De France 2022 & Pro Cycling Manager 2022

Pro Cycling Manager 2022 screenshot showcasing a rider's statsCyanide Studio
Pro Cycling Manager 2022 offers plenty of depth for players building their dream cycling team.

Fans of two-wheeled racing will have plenty to enjoy, too; Tour De France 2022 and Pro Cycling Manager 2022 are both launching on June 9. While the former will offer an accessible way to test your virtual stamina reserves, the latter has received a sizeable overhaul to its UI thanks to feedback from fans of the series.

Clash: Artifacts of Chaos

Clash Artifacts of Chaos screenshot showcasing combatACE Team
Clash features a surrealist art style full of vibrant colors.

Clash: Artifacts of Chaos comes from a small Chilean team and centers on a martial arts master, Pseudo, that’s protecting a small creature called The Boy.

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Pseudo can switch between multiple combat stances and third and first-person perspectives to unleash brutal finishing moves. Combat is weighty, but the most interesting part about Clash is that your protagonist can switch between the real and dream worlds with the latter opening up additional multiplayer options.

Throw in a unique mechanic that sees you challenge enemies to a surprisingly addictive dice-rolling minigame for the chance to inflict debuffs, and there’s a lot to look forward to when it launches in 2022.

Blood Bowl 3

Blood Bowl 3 is also shaping up impressively ahead of launch this year. This threequel doesn’t reinvent the turn-based formula of the Games Workshop sports title but tidies it up with clearer menus and an easier-to-use formation selection tool.

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Then there’s added customization (including cheerleaders and coaches), special fields with gameplay-changing properties, a solo campaign that’s able to be played with all races, and an improved multiplayer suite.

In our playtest, bones were broken and teammates were launched through the air, but it all looks so much slicker than 2015’s Blood Bowl 2 — and we can’t wait to see more.

We saw some other stuff at Bigben week, but we’ll cover that when a separate embargo drops in the coming days.