MultiVersus players have already chosen Taz as the least-favorite fighter

multiversus taz fighterWB Games

MultiVersus players have already labeled Taz as their least-favorite fighter because his overpowered spin move.

WB Games hosted a closed alpha for MultiVersus earlier in the year, allowing select players to get their hands on the Smash Bros.-like fighting game.

The recently launched early access beta has given even more people a chance to try out the crossover fighter, which will receive a fully open beta on July 26.

Now that a greater number of players have joined the fun, opinions on the gameplay, in-game purchases, and more inundate the web.

And the general consensus about one character, in particular, could long remain a topic of discussion.

Taz is already the most contentious MultiVersus fighter

taz multiversus fighter least favoriteWB Games
Players are calling the Tasmanian Devil’s spin move overpowered.

Though MultiVersus just entered early access on July 19, users have called for developers to nerf the Tasmanian Devil.

The crux of the issue rests in how often Taz mains rely on the character’s arguably overpowered spin move. For instance, Reddit user Hari-reddit thinks the attack would benefit from a “10+ second cooldown.”

Replies to the thread suggest several other players agree, with Foxx_is_Dead referring to “Taz spin spammers” as “degenerates with no skill.”

Reddit users aren’t the only ones taking umbrage with Taz’ current build as a MultiVersus fighter. Over on Twitter, countless players have spoken ill of Tasmanian Devil mains. This is seen in posts by the likes of PsychoCheese 100, pluto, and content creator TKbreezy.

Whether or not WB Games and developer Player First Games will take the Taz criticism to heart is not yet known.

But the numerous requests for a nerf on one attack should be considered before even more people join the experience.

MultiVersus’ fully open beta hits PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on July 26 at 9:00 AM PT.