MultiVersus patch 0.1 notes: Lebron James release, Taz & Batman nerfed

Terry Oh
taz in multiversusMultiVersus

MultiVersus has received its patch, debuting basketball legend Lebron James while balancing some overpowered and straight-up broken fighters like Batman and Taz. Here are the patch 0.1 notes.

The brand new fighting game, MultiVersus, is still in open beta, so it wasn’t too surprising when players discovered game breaking bugs. However, the developers are starting to fix them up in patch 0.1.

That, alongside a new release in LeBron James, are the headline acts in MultiVersus patch 0.1 — and we’ve got the full notes here.

What’s changing in MultiVersus patch 0.1?

MultiVersus LeBron James releases

MultiVersus developers havehyped up Lebron James for the past couple of days, and with this new patch, the basketball player officially joins the roster.

There have been unofficial leaks of other new characters on the horizon as well, so be on the look out for them potentially in the next MultiVersus patch.

On top of LeBron James’ release, players can get a feel for some new characters with the rotation changing up. These are the new free characters from July 26 to August 8. Make sure to try them out to help inform your committed purchases.

  • Finn
  • Garnet
  • Superman
  • Reindog

New Open Beta Warp Event

For a limited time, Gold earned from matches is being increased by 25% from July 26 to August 8 in MultiVersus. This makes for a great opportunity to grind the game and reap rewards — perfect for beginning players looking to stack up some in-game currency.

Taz and Batman nerfed in first MultiVersus patch

Most of the changes in MultiVersus patch 0.1 are nerfs. One of the biggest fixes was Iron Giant’s infinitely combo slam attack, which Disguised Toast highlighted in his clip against Hasan. Batman’s neutral attack has also been toned back.

Another correction made was for Taz’s tornado, a game breaking bug numerous members of the community vocalized concerns over.

You can find the full MultiVersus patch 0.1 notes below, which went live on July 26.

MultiVersus patch 0.1 notes


  • [nerf] Air/Ground Neutral Attack: Cooldown on Batarang increased from 13s to 14s. Pick up of Batarang returns 11.55 second up from 11.05. This means that the minimum time between Batarang throws is 2.45s up from 1.95s.
  • Bug FixAir/Ground Side Special: Fixed a bug where Grapple would sometimes shoot you off the map.

Bugs Bunny

  • [nerf] Air Up Attack: Startup window increased by 2 frames, active window decreased by 2 frames

Iron Giant

  • Bug FixAir Down Attack: can no longer combo into itself
  • Bug FixAir/Ground Down Special: can no longer repeatedly hit and lock opponents in place forever
  • Bug FixAir Up Attack: Can no longer repeatedly hit opponents

Steven Universe

  • [nerf] Air Neutral Attack: Knocks opponents up and away to prevent an infinite attack caused by alternating Air Down Attack and Air Neutral Attack.


  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug that was preventing Taz from doing any aerial attacks once he reached his air special limit.
  • [nerf] Air/Ground Side Special:
    • If you have been following early access, Taz’s Tornado has been dominating his character kit and presenting a non-obvious knowledge check for newer players. By reducing its effectiveness we hope to improve his gameplay health and loop and bring the game to a healthier state for newer players.
      • A decrease to the tornado’s duration and the additional duration gained by passing an ally.
      • Removing one of the multi-hits of the tornado.
      • Decreasing the hit pause of all the hits in the tornado.
      • Reduced knockback from the final hit in the tornado from 1375 to 1275.
    • Right now, our plan is to transition the Tornado to a cooldown move in an upcoming patch. The tornado is Taz’s signature move so we want to keep it as one of his most powerful attacks, with the cooldown forcing more intentional use of it. These nerfs will reduce Taz’s strength, especially at higher levels of play, so expect some buffs to the other moves in his kit in the near future. Thank you for your patience and we will continue to evaluate Taz’s gameplay health.


  • [nerf] Weight: reduced from 70 to 63