MultiVersus leak suggests iconic Pickle Rick will be playable

pickle rick in rick and mortyWarner Bros. , Adult Swim

It’s all but confirmed that MultiVersus will be welcoming the Rick and Morty franchise to the game’s roster of characters, thanks to a leak showing Rick’s gameplay and classic costumes.

Rick and Morty has had a huge cultural impact thanks to the sci-fi show’s neverending ability to produce memes, quotes, and iconic moments and characters.

As the show’s fame has risen, so has its exposure as the duo, in one form or another, have appeared in different games over the year – especially Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, and Borderlands 3.

Now, the show is gearing up for its next major game appearance in Warner Bros.’ MultiVersus. The fighting game is already going down very well with ridiculous numbers taking part in its beta, and the option to play as Rick Sanchez may only further help its cause.

Rick and Morty reportedly headed to MultiVersus

If you’re uneducated in the world of Rick and Morty, then all you need to know is that Rick Sanchez is Morty’s grandfather, known for his drunken, uncaring, selfish behavior, provoked by his unbelievable intelligence as he’s pretty much the smartest guy in the universe.

It was only a week ago that rumblings began to suggest that the insane show was on the way in the shape of a new fighter, as well as a dynamic stage to fight on.

Fast forward a few days and we have unofficial confirmation that the leaks are true, with fresh evidence showing Rick in action, as well as the different outfits he will have for players to purchase.

Five minutes of leaked footage appeared to show some sound bytes that Rick will utter, as well as his abilities, attacks, and all-around gameplay.

If this wasn’t enough, another Reddit post also outed the different alternate costumes for Rick including his legendary Pickle Rick costume, his normal everyday clothes, his “Unneccesarily Badass Suitup,” and another choice of attire.

With tons of fighters in the game already and more rumored, Rick and Morty is set to be one of many star-studded franchises heading the game’s way.