MultiVersus leak reportedly reveals ninja fighter with ‘Naruto’ connection

multiversus naruto key art headerWarner Bros.

A MultiVersus leak showed gameplay of what appears to be a datamined ninja fighter believed to be either an original character (OC) or an entry with a possible link to the Naruto franchise.

MultiVersus is the latest cross-over fighting game to take the internet by storm following its closed alpha period.

Ever since fans got their first look at MultiVersus back in November of 2021, they’ve speculated about which potential characters could join the game’s incredibly varied roster.

Now, one MultiVersus leaker has revealed what appears to be another character to MultiVersus, though it may also hint at a potential Naruto involvement.

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MultiVersus leaker shows off ninja character

The leak comes by way of LusiaMV on Twitter who showed off a minute-long clip of this ninja fighter who appears to have a very hit-and-run focused moveset.

Community reaction to this video has been fairly positive, as comments on a Reddit post of the same clip has many players weighing in on the potential fighter.

Although there’s been a lot of debate surrounding whether or not MultiVersus needs original characters, with one Reddit user saying “Does anybody else feel like we don’t even need OC characters? The roster is going to be huge and with WB it could just go on forever.”

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However, there may be more to this apparant ninja OC than meets the eye.

LusiaMV has tweeted out another aspect of the its moveset which may hint at some connection to the incredibly popular Naruto franchise.

Apparently, there is a projectile tied to the ninja character’s moveset codenamed “ShadowClone,” which is one of Naruto Uzumaki’s iconic techniques that allows him to make copies of himself.

What’s more, the projectile has a rendition of the same jutsu seal that can be spotted throughout the anime.

Though Warner Bros. does not hold the rights to the Naruto IP, it does have ties to the franchise through DVD distribution.

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Whether or not Naruto crosses over into MultiVersus remains to be seen, but this leak does suggest the development team is looking to include some ninja representation in the final product.