All MultiVersus free characters available in this rotation

multiversus free characters roster rotationWB Games

On a bi-monthly basis, MultiVersus will allow players who don’t want to spend money to unlock four free characters — so here’s every free character you can claim this month.

WB Games and developer Player First Games refer to this practice as the Free Character Rotation. The freebies switch out every two weeks, such that when four new characters unlock, four others become unavailable.

Notably, the rotation lets free-to-play users of the game experiment with different members of the MultiVersus roster.

However, those interested in permanently accessing their favorite fighters must either shell out Gold Coins, a currency earned in-game, or Gleamium, premium funds purchased with real-world money.

superman in multiversusWarner Bros
Superman is currently a free character in MultiVersus.

Currently available free characters in MultiVersus

As noted on the MultiVersus’ official website, Season 1 was released on August 15, 2022. The free roster pool gets replaced by four different fighters every two weeks.

The free fighters currently available to play in MultiVersus Season 1 are as follows:

  • Batman – As a Bruiser, the Dark Knight uses all of his abilities, including Smoke Bomb and Bat Strike, to dominate the playing field.
  • Finn the Human – An Assassin character, Finn with his sword and best friend Jake the Dog, can defeat any villain that comes his way.
  • Iron Giant – A Tank, this character takes inspiration from Superman and has vouched to protect anyone at any cost.
  • Morty – A Bruiser class fighter, Morty can prove rather formidable thanks to his speed and high damage output.

It’s also worth noting that, at the time of writing, all players can unlock Wonder Woman for free after completing the game’s basic tutorial.

How to get free Multiversus characters

To players enjoying the free-to-play version of MultiVersus, fighters featured in the Free Character Rotation will appear on the character select screen without a gray lock in the bottom-right corner.

free character rotation select screen multiversusWB Games
MultiVersus’ character select screen.

We’ll make sure to update this page when Player First Games swaps out the current round of free MultiVersus characters for those next in line after September 27, 2022 — so make sure you check back regularly.

So, there you have it — that’s everything to know about the currently available free characters in MultiVersus. If you’re wondering which of the free characters are best to use right now, make sure to check out our MultiVersus tier list for everything you need to know.

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