MultiVersus character already getting big nerf for OP attack

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The MultiVersus devs are already teasing a fix that will see one of the game’s most popular characters recieve a nerf due to an OP move.

Early Access for MultiVersus is live, and whilst most players will be able to get their hands on the open beta shortly, an earlier release has given a smaller pool of players the chance to see what’s hot in MultiVersus.

There will be eight characters available to players when the beta goes live and one of them is Taz — everyone’s favorite, crazed Tasmanian Devil.

The Looney Tunes star become a popular choice in the game’s early days, but largely due to an overpowered move that fans are requesting gets nerfed ASAP.

MultiVersus fans want Taz to be nerfed ASAP

Players learned very quickly that Taz has a very OP spin attack that can cause an obscene amount of damage, stunlock enemies, and even juggle players with no counter available.

One gamer sarcastically remarked that “Taz is a very very skillful character to use & very fun to play against” before saying that “Tornado needs a fix ASAP.”

Another user claimed that Taz’s spin move was “toxic” and they shared a similarly broken-looking clip showcasing the OP nature of the attack.

These complaints haven’t gone unnoticed though it seems as the game’s director, Tony Huynh, issued a statement on Taz and his spin move: “We’re aware of Taz tornado. We are testing adjustments. No eta yet on an update.”

This will be a bit frustrating for players that are struggling to cope with the ferocity of the move, but it’s a positive sign that the devs are already listening to and embracing feedback.

Expect Player First Games to issue a fix when they’ve found an appropriate solution, which may not be immediately given that they are working on new characters and stages already.