MOONMOON devastated after dying to final DOOM Eternal boss on speedrun

MOONMOON/id Software

Twitch streamer Jesse ‘MOONMOON’ was left stunned after failing a flawless 12-hour DOOM Eternal speedrun attempt on the final boss.

MOONMOON has built an audience of over 800,000 followers on Twitch, known for broadcasting a wide variety of games on his channel.

During his March 28 broadcast, he was set to prove his worth on yet another game and set himself the challenge of attempting an Ultra-Nightmare Permadeath speedrun on the recently released DOOM Eternal.

id Software
MOONMOON’s speedrun attempt was stopped short during the final boss fight in DOOM Eternal.

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Although speedrun attempts in other titles sometimes allow players to make small slip-ups here and there, DOOM’s permadeath mode gives players only one life and requires a lot of focus.

Having had multiple playthroughs of id Software’s new title since its release, MOONMOON was much more confident the third time around on March 28.

The streamer demonstrated his skills by flying through the game’s early stages, making it look easy leaving many viewers impressed with how his attempt was going.

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Unfortunately, while taking on the final boss, the giant Icon of Sin, he was cut down by one of the Baron’s that spawned after making one brutal error.

By this point, MOONMOON had put in over 12 hours of flawless gameplay and was left devastated after realizing what had happened. “I was mid-swing… dude I’m done we almost did it,” he said, disappointed with how close he was, “oh my god that hurts.”

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MOONMOON was then interrupted with a supportive bit donation from one of his viewers that had come in at the worst time, cheering the streamer on in his attempt with a simple “you got this.”

Despite his disappointment, MOONMOON immediately saw the funny side in the situation, replying, “No I don’t,” before bursting into laughter and ending his stream shortly after.

He later revealed that he was unlikely to attempt that ridiculous speedrun again but was still proud that he came so close this early into the game’s release.

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