Monster Energy files lawsuit against indie game over title

monster energy devilMonster Energy

Monster Energy has filed a lawsuit against the indie game Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals. This time, the drink company claimed the developer Glowstick Entertainment broke copyright with the horror game’s title.

Coca-Cola’s Monster Energy has chosen its next target – the 2020 multiplayer horror title Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals. The leading figure in energy drinks has demanded Glowstick Entertainment change the game’s title due to the word “monster” in the name.

Previously, Monster Energy forced Ubisoft’s Gods and Monsters to alter its title to Immortals Fenyx Rising. The company has expanded its settlement terms by preventing Glowstick Entertainment from ever using a green & white logo on a black background.

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Glowstick Entertainment cannot use green & white logos because of Monster Energy’s lawsuit

Logo for Dark Deception: Monsters & MortalsGlowstick Entertainment

Glowstick Entertainment founder Vincent Livings went into depth about Monster Energy’s lawsuit on Twitter. In the detailed thread, Livings discussed how the company was coming after them for their game’s title being “confusingly similar” to the energy drink. The CEO also encouraged gamers to refrain from purchasing Monster’s products.

Additionally, Livings posted an official document from Monster Energy that explained their lawsuit’s terms. As seen in the image, Monster is pushing to prohibit the word “monster” in the game’s name, claw-like designs, or green/black imagery. Glowstick Entertainment also won’t be able to use the words “beast” or “unleash.”

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Livings plans to fight Monster Energy in court. “Dishonest companies like Monster Energy depend on doing their bullying in secret, while presenting a clean image to their base (athletes & gamers),” he said. “Showing their true face publicly is the only real way to stop them.”

Monster Energy’s past legal battles include suing an Ohio restaurant for containing the word “monster” on its sign, a Georgia welder for using a similar “M” logo, and a man’s aquarium hobby forum called MonsterFishKeepers.

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It’s unclear how Glowstick Entertainment will fare in court with such an energy drink giant like Monster.

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