Modern Warfare 2 players slam devs over “blinding” sniper scope glint


Modern Warfare 2’s sniper glint feature is meant to reveal the position of enemy sharpshooters around the map but some players believe that it’s so blinding it’s actually helping the opposition.

It’s hard to spend any time at all in Modern Warfare 2 or Warzone 2 without running into that dreaded sniper scope glint. while it’s particularly terrifying for anyone caught in the open, it’s enough to strike fear in a player’s heart no matter where they run into it.

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While the white light does a good job of giving teammates an idea of where to shoot, the shining beacon reflecting off the game’s biggest scopes are so big that it might actually be saving enemy marksmen more often than not.

Modern Warfare 2 players call sniper scope glint “a headache” in multiplayer

As noted on the game’s subreddit, the different scopes have varying levels of glint. The light is smaller and less pronounced for the weaker magnifications but as the strength goes up so does the reflection.

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When compared to the types of glint in the series’ past, many think that it’s simply too much this time around.

“In the beginning, it was a disadvantage to use a scope with glint, now it’s an advantage,” one player complained.

A second person backed them up by joking that it’s a “sniper scope with flashbang upgrade” and that the Modern Warfare 2 devs “have thought of everything.”

Others were not so quick to joke about the situation, calling these blinders “so obstructive” and “an absolute headache” to deal with.

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A few people also acknowledged that the problem is the same over on Warzone 2, where the more open map size of Al-Mazrah makes it much more viable to run the bigger scopes.

There’s no telling if Infinity Ward (or Warzone 2’s Raven Software) will take notice of these complaints, but for now, it’s best to either run far away or aim in the center of the light and say a quick prayer when shooting back.

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