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MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty: Best cards to invest in before the next roster update

Published: 26/Jul/2021 17:08 Updated: 29/Jul/2021 13:38

by Nick Farrell


These players could net you some extra stubs if San Diego Studios decides to reward their hard play over recent weeks, and investing in their cards is a great way to use the community market!

MLB The Show offers one of the best ultimate team game modes in Diamond Dynasty, as the mode has been elevated in recent years, and San Diego Studios has done a fantastic job at maintaining the game with regular events.

Similar to how Madden Ultimate Team and FIFA Ultimate Team function, the mode bolsters a community market where players are able to sell and buy cards to hone their roster. However, one of the best uses of the market is investing in cards before the weekly roster updates.


Collecting an ample amount of cards before the roster update could yield incredible results as if the players are upgraded in ratings they can be worth a lot of stubs.

We are going to run over the cards we think you should invest in before the next roster update, and we will update this page as the season progresses.

Team Affinity
San Diego Studio
Team Affinity Season 3 implemented all the All-Star’s from this year’s game!

When is the next MLB The Show 21 roster update?

San Diego Studios has been on the same trajectory since the game was released back in April 2021, as they have been updating the game’s rosters every Wednesday, and we don’t see them breaking this mold moving ahead.

So, this is when we can expect a flurry of players to see their ratings adjusted, but The Show has always been hesitant to drastically alter a player’s rating. Meaning, we won’t see a player jump or drop 4-5 rating points, instead, it is usually slight changes of 1-2.


However, with the new 5th Inning Program releasing on July 30, this is when the next major roster update is going to come, with all the new Diamonds and promotions.

Best cards to invest in before July 30 roster update

San Diego Studio
The Show features some incredible cards for players to unlock for free!

It’s always a good opportunity to try and secure some extra stubs before a new roster update comes out, as some players have been dominating the majors and they’ll be rewarded with a fresh rating within The Show.

We’re going to run over some cards who we think could jump in ratings in the next roster update down below!

Freddy Peralta – Milwaukee Brewers – SP – Current rating: 84 OVR

San Diego Studio
Peralta has been incredible the resurgent Brewers this year.

It’s actually hard to believe that Freddy Peralta has not gone Diamond within The Show this year, and it seems it’s only a matter of time before he makes that final jump to an 85 OVR.


Heading into the All-Star break, Peralta bolsters the following stats.

  • 7-3 record
  • 2.39 ERA
  • 98 IP
  • 135 SO
  • 0.898 WHIP
  • 3.24 FIP
  • 12.04 SO/9
  • 1 CG

Peralta was also recently named to the MLB All-Star Game as a replacement, and his card is only going for around 3200 stubs on the market right now. This appears to be the safest bet to invest in right now as if he does go Diamond, his quick sell will automatically be 5000 stubs.

Taijuan Walker – New York Mets – SP – Current rating: 77 OVR

San Diego Studio
Walker has been a spearhead for the Mets pitching staff this year.

Although Walker saw a dip in his rating during the July 9 update, he’s also a fresh face on the MLB All-Star Game roster, as the Mets pitcher has been sensational this year alongside Jacob DeGrom.

Featuring a 2.50 ERA, with WHIP barely above one, it’s a real shame his card is not Gold yet. But, if Walker continues to make strides once the All-Star Game is done and dusted with, there’s no doubt his game will be recognized within The Show.


Chris Taylor – Los Angeles Dodgers – Utility – Current rating: 78 OVR

Chris taylor
San Diego Studio
Taylor has been red hot for the Dodgers in recent weeks.

While the Dodgers have been riddled with injuries for the majority of the year, Chris Taylor has been a standout performer for the Dodgers at nearly every position across the Diamond. Since the All-Star break, Taylor has been red-hot and is a sure-fire to go Gold in the next patch.

CT has been batting 0.333 AVG, 1.173 OPS, and has hit 6 HR in just over a week, and has been an all-around staple of the Dodger defense. Expect a rating boost to the 80s during the next patch.

Bo Bichette – Toronto Blue Jays – SS – Current Rating: 83 OVR

San Diego Studio
Bo has been one of the cornerstones of the young Blue Jays.

This one may be up in the air, but Bo Bichette has been quietly putting together a good stretch since the All-Star break. In the time since the first time All-Star showed off in Denver has slashed 0.333 AVG, with a 0.412 OBP, and his defense has been looking good compared to before the break.


Whether or not he does gain the additional 2 OVR points to go Diamond is around a 50/50 chance at the time being, so it may be worth your investment if you got stubs laying around.