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MLB The Show 21: All ranked season rewards – cards, Diamonds, more

Published: 12/Jul/2021 17:23 Updated: 29/Jul/2021 13:46

by Nick Farrell


A fresh season of ranked within MLB The Show is approaching soon, and along with the new season comes an ample amount of rewards for players to earn for making it to the World Series.

MLB The Show Diamond Dynasty has emerged as one of the premier ultimate team game modes within the sporting games industry, and a large portion of the success is due to the ranked mode.

Ranked is where you’ve got to put your squad to the ultimate test, as you’ll be pitted against some of the best players in the world and a lot of them use the same lineups. But, if you make it to the grand finale, the World Series you will be entitled to some incredible rewards.


Here’s all the rewards coming to the latest season of ranked within The Show.

ranked season 3
San Diego Studio
Previous ranked season rewards included David Justice!

World series ranked 4 rewards and start date

If you’re looking to get into the action just in time for the new ranked season, then you are in luck! As MLB The Show’s fourth-ranked season of the season will begin on July 12 at 3:00 pm PST, and similar to other ranked seasons it will last around a month.

This time around The Show has announced the rewards coming with the new ranked seasons, and the cards appear to be some of the best released yet. For those who don’t know, if you don’t want to use these cards within your lineup, then they’ll more than likely go for a pretty penny within the in-game market.


Here are all the confirmed rewards for the fourth-ranked season.

Larry Walker – 99 OVR – RF

Larry Walker
San Diego Studio
Larry Walker will be one of the premium rewards this season!

The first card that has been announced is 99 OVR Larry Walker, who last received a signature series card back in The Show 20. Fans have suspected that this card is going to be an improvement over last year’s Walker card.

His card last year offered 122 contact versus righties and 117 contact versus lefties, this was accompanied by decent power and incredible fielding attributes. This card has the potential to be the go-to for RF for the rest of the year, and we can suspect it will re-sell for 150K stubs plus.


Rich Gossage – 95 OVR – SP

San Diego Studio
Goose will be one of the scarier Sinker ball pitchers to face in ranked now!

The other card that players will get to choose from is SP Rich Gossage, who has 4SFB, Slurve, Sinker, and a Changeup. As well, the card has some incredible pitching stats such as 125 K/9, and the Sinker is undoubtedly one of the best pitches for ranked play.

The rest of the cards are still flowing in at this time, and Dexerto will continue to update this page with all the rewards.