Miss Fortune nerfed in League of Legends after recent buffs overshoot mark

Andrew Amos
Bewitching Miss Fortune Prestige in League of LegendsRiot Games

Miss Fortune has been hotfix nerfed hours after League of Legends patch 12.17 went live after her win rate spiked following buffs. Riot are toning back some of the changes ⁠— focusing on her W, Strut ⁠— but keeping the biggest one in.

Miss Fortune might have found too big a bounty in League of Legends patch 12.17 following her recent buffs.

The marksman has fleeted in and out of the meta with her lethality build, but Riot wasn’t satisfied with that path. The developers used the latest update to try and make her attack speed build more viable with some buffs.

Those buffs, mostly targeting her Q cast time as well as various tune-ups across the kit to nerf Arcane Comet builds, were very potent. Her win rate skyrocketed within a day from 52.21% to more than 54% with nearly double the pick rate ⁠— up to 23%.

This forced Riot’s hand to nerf Miss Fortune just hours after LoL patch 12.17 went live.

“We overshot on our Miss Fortune changes ⁠— cast time adjustments are always lower confidence. Her optimal attack speed builds are outperforming her average win rate (already 54%) by 3-4% so we’re pushing out a quick adjustment,” developer ‘TheTruexy’ told players.

The new nerfs directly target Miss Fortune’s W, Strut. The bonus attack speed on activation is being cut by 10% at all ranks, while the mana cost is going up by 10 as well to 45. The two changes in tandem should bring her attack speed build more in line with expectations.

It’s also a revert on one of the changes made in LoL patch 12.17 ⁠— but her Q, Double Up, is remaining untouched. This was the primary focus of the buffs, and with the cast time now up to par, her kit should now feel smoother to use despite the hotfix.

You can find the full list of Miss Fortune hotfix nerfs in LoL patch 12.17 below. They are live as of September 8.

Miss Fortune hotfix notes after LoL patch 12.17

W: Strut

  • Bonus attack speed: 50/65/80/95/110% ⇒ 40/55/70/85/100%
  • Mana: 35 ⇒ 45