Mighty Bowser gets the most expensive Nintendo-branded Lego set

lego set the mighty bowserThe LEGO Group, Nintendo

The Mighty Bowser constitutes the latest Lego set in the Super Mario line of building kits with the upcoming product boasting more than 2,800 pieces.

On October 1, Lego will unleash The Mighty Bowser, the most expensive and largest building kit in its Super Mario line to date.

Comprised of an astounding 2,807 pieces, this new set recreates the King of the Koopas with “controllable movements and the ability to launch a fireball, reflective of Bowser’s huge and powerful features.”

Notably, the controllable movements work to recreate Bowser’s ferocity. Those who pick up the product can expect to control the character’s head, neck, mouth, arms, legs, and tail with button presses.

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Select retailers and Lego’s official storefront will sell the hulking Bowser set for $269.99, the company announced in a press release.

Lego and others immortalize the Mighty Bowser

mighty bowser lego set backThe LEGO Group, Nintendo
The Koopa King’s Lego set arrives this fall.

Bowser has enjoyed his fair share of time in the limelight in recent years. In early 2021, Nintendo shipped Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury on Nintendo Switch, the latter experience offering a platformer oozing with charm.

In addition to his upcoming Lego set, Bowser has also been immortalized as a Build-A-Bear stuffed animal, S.H. Figuarts action figure, and Amiibo figurine.

Given the beloved boss character’s unceasing popularity, he’s likely to sit center stage in another Nintendo-branded collectible before long.

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lego bowser setThe LEGO Group, Nintendo
Bowser brought to life in Lego form.

Nintendo has joined forces with The Lego Group in the past to bring other Mario-branded staples to life in block form.

In October 2021, for instance, Lego rolled out its Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block kit, a 2,000-piece set celebrating the original game’s 25th anniversary.

The two companies have also partnered for the release of a few sets based on the Luigi’s Mansion series, each one depicting a different style of ghost-catching fun.