Midnight Society, Dr Disrespect’s game company, teases “Arena Takeover”

YouTube: Dr Disrespect / Midnight Society

Midnight Society are slowly working towards fulfilling Dr Disrespect’s vision for a battle royale game. However, in the first big promotion for the new game developers, they’ll be hosting an “Arena Takeover” on March 15 ⁠— and it could be massive.

Midnight Society have been lurking in the shadows since their big December 2021 reveal. The new game development studio, comprised of former Call of Duty and Halo devs, is set to be working on a mega battle royale title to Dr Disrespect’s liking.

And, if it all comes to plan, fans might have a first look at it when the developers host an “Arena Takeover.”

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DrDisrespectStudio_mainDr Disrespect
Dr Disrespect and Midnight Society look primed to host an Arena Takeover on March 15.

A bot message on the Midnight Society Discord, full of cryptic text, reveals a big event happening on March 15.

“Visor Cortex Unable To Integrate. Manual Acceptable Required. Scanning For Live Bio-metric Signals. Signal Detected. Establishing On Site Presence. Arena Takeover Executable Scheduled,” it says.

The two-time’s Arena is certainly a sight to behold, full of high-tech equipment ⁠— the likes Midnight Society would be taking advantage of. It even has immortalized itself in gaming culture when Doc worked with Rogue Company developers to bring the Arena map to life.

It’s also the optimal ground to start promoting their work. With Dr Disrespect being involved as the face of the studio, essentially, broadcasting to his ever-expanding YouTube audience seems like a no-brainer.

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Midnight Society bot message in DiscordThe Midnight Society Arena Takeover teaser is cryptic, to say the least.

However, what the Arena Takeover will exactly entail remains to be seen.

Fans will just have to wait until March 15 to see what news is on the cards for Midnight Society and Dr Disrespect’s battle royale title, and we’ll keep you updated here.