Melee pro’s insane Super Smash Bros phone theme goes viral

tempo axe melee phone screen headerTwitter: @TempoAxe / Reddit: gdcons

Professional Super Smash Bros. Melee player Tempo Axe showed off the insane Melee-inspired dynamic phone theme he uses, which went viral on social media.

Despite Super Smash Bros. Melee releasing for the Nintendo GameCube back in 2001, the fighter has stayed strong in the competitive esports space over two decades later.

However, while Smash Bros. Melee still holds relevance in the fighting game scene today, that doesn’t mean it’s lost its sense of nostalgia. Plenty of Nintendo fans grew up with Melee and fondly look back on its iconic sound design, art style, and UI design.

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Now, one pro player showed off his love for Melee’s iconic blue, yellow, and black menu design with a dynamic phone theme, which quickly went viral on social media.

Melee pro Tempo Axe’s stylish phone theme goes viral

The viral tweet began once Axe quote retweeted fellow top Melee player Magi’s tweet, which asked for the members of the Melee community to share what they used as their phone background.

The Tempo Storm player tweeted, “Fully functional SSBM menu phone theme. Been using it for years and I never want to switch,” accompanied by a short video of the theme in action.

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The tweet gained a huge amount of attention from members of the Melee community, with dozens of Twitter users asking where they could get the theme for themselves.

According to Smash content creator David Kimball, the theme is an interactive Android theme for the KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker app.

Axe even shared the original Reddit thread that highlighted the dynamic theme over five years ago, though fans initially panicked as it initially appeared to be deleted.

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Thankfully, the thread was revived and players were able to find the links to all the relevant files in the comments.

Unfortunately for iPhone users, there’s no way to legitimately run KLWP on the smart device, so the theme is sadly out of reach. Still, anyone on an Android device can download this incredible smartphone theme for themselves to celebrate the iconic look Melee introduced back in 2001.

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