Meet Your Maker: Gameplay, trailer & everything we know

Meet Your MakerBehaviour Interactive

Meet your maker is a new first-person shooter game that also lets players build their dream base in the wasteland – and raid others. Here’s everything we know.

Meet Your Maker’s first trailer was revealed at the Game Awards 2022 and gave us Fallout, Borderlands, and Minecraft vibes all in one go. The game is mostly an FPS, but the trailer was very keen to talk up the building mechanics and how this also feeds into multiplayer.

The game is set on a desert planet described only as “The Wasteland” and will see players battle for dominance over and over valuable “genetic material.” This appears to serve as currency to build a monster army to protect your own base and raid other players’ carefully constructed fortresses.

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Meet Your Maker gameplayBehaviour Interactive
Gameplay reminds us of Borderlands and Minecraft.

Does Meet Your Maker have a release date?

Not yet, as Meet Your Maker has only just been formally announced. However, the game is slated to release in April 2023.

What platforms will Meet Your Maker be released on?

Meet Your Maker is confirmed to be coming to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.


Check out the Meet Your Maker trailer below:

Gameplay and setting

A sci-fi first-person shooter that borrows from games like Bordlands, Fallout, and Minecraft in all the best ways, Meet Your Maker is all about creating – and destroying. The player controls what looks like a robot builder who’s tasked with hoarding genetic material to build an army and a base to keep other players out.

These other players will also build their own bases, filling them with traps and pet mutants of their own to guard them against outsiders. The trailer shows that players will attack, infiltrate and steal from others, and presumably, the last one standing is victorious.

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Combining elements of building games like Minecraft with the frantic combat of Borderlands is a novel idea. It suggests that matches between players will be just as much a battle of wits and creativity as they will be of brute strength and a carefully timed trigger finger.

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