Mass Effect Remastered mod brings back controversial ‘booty’ cutscenes

Fans of the Mass Effect series are having a swell time replaying some of their favorite games, but some modders have created an… unorthodox fix to make the remasters closer to the originals.

For some gamers, the original Mass Effect series is heralded as one of the best video game franchises of all time, and the original trilogy’s remastered return in May 2021 was plenty of reason to celebrate.

However, despite being the full versions of the original games, developers at BioWare did make a few changes to cutscenes to make the camera shots a little less revealing by moving the camera up.

Mass Effect legendary Edition gameplayBioware
Even though Mass Effect 3 came out in 2012, someone probably would have still noticed the change. The internet finds a way.

But, there’s one moment that’s become infamous among Mass Effect players from the second game for one of these awkward scenes, when Shepard is discussing Miranda’s past during her loyalty mission.

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You can watch a video refresher if you like, but let’s just say the camera has the Cerebus officer’s lower region right up in the player’s face. This camera focus was changed in the remastered version, but some modders apparently weren’t happy with the update.

Shortly after the remastered versions came out, mod makers had apparently already come out with a revert for all of the camera angle fixes implemented by devs, which means the scene has gone back to how it appeared in the 2010 title.

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Now, we won’t get into why these modders felt the need to do this, but it’s honestly not a big surprise that it happened. Suspicious intentions or not, some video game fans want the remaster of whatever game to as closely resemble the original version as possible.

We certainly wouldn’t include some of the most awkward shots in the history of gaming on our list of “must-have” features for a Mass Effect remaster, but unless BioWare steps in, which is highly unlikely, players who want to use this mod for whatever reason are completely free to do so. No, you can’t have a link.

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