Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 dev teases GTA 5-inspired open world feature with random hero encounters

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 gameplayInsomniac Games

Akin to how the open world in GTA 5 operates, Miles Morales and Peter Parker can randomly cross paths in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 thanks to this innovation in the Insomniac Games sequel.

As Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 gets closer to its highly anticipated October 20 launch, devs are beginning to trickle out various bits of information on the new sequel.

While we already know a great deal in terms of villains set to appear, suits available for both heroes, and we’ve even seen how much of the open-world functions, another tidbit has now surfaced. One seemingly taking inspiration from GTA 5.

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Much like in Rockstar’s 2013 hit, multiple playable characters exist on the map in any given moment. We know that swapping between Miles and Peter is near-instant thanks to the PS5, but that’s not all. A developer has now explained how both heroes can randomly cross paths in the open world.

Say you’re casually swinging between New York highrises while playing as Peter. It now appears there’s a chance you could bump into Miles without even planning for it. Unlike in missions or cutscenes where interactions are scripted, here, it’s entirely random.

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“There are times where you can be swinging throughout the city and you can see the other Spider-Man,” Associate Animation Director James Ham explained during a recent interview.

At times, this temporarily AI-controlled version of the hero could just be swinging around as well, not doing anything in particular. But on other occasions, they could be engaged in their own activity out in the open world.

“Sometimes [they’re] actively doing something, or stopping a crime,” the dev outlined. “You can hop in and they’ll join you.”

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Marvels Spider-Man 2 gameplayInsomniac Games
Peter and Miles can randomly cross paths while out in the open world in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Much like how you could randomly stumble upon one of GTA 5’s three unique protagonists, the same is now the case in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Both of our heroes will be doing their best to keep the city safe at all times, even when you’re not in direct control of one or the other.

Beyond this clever innovation, there’s still plenty more to wrap your head around before Spidey 2 hits store shelves. Be sure to catch up here with everything we know about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

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