Marvel’s Midnight Suns fall release date, special editions leak online

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marvel's midnight suns release date leaked

The Marvel’s Midnight Suns release date has supposedly leaked online, along with information that also outlines its two special editions.

Publisher 2K Games and XCOM developer Firaxis unveiled Marvel’s Midnight Suns during Gamescom 2021, promising a tactical role-playing title grounded in the Marvel Universe’s darker corners. Notably, the card-driven gameplay ensures Firaxis’ first venture into Marvel’s world will offer an experience unlike the team’s Civilization and XCOM endeavors.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns originally boasted a March 2022 release window. Firaxis delayed the project to the second half of 2022, however, citing a need for more development time. The extended production cycle will provide developers with extra time for polish and allow for the implementation of more cinematics and story content.

While a revised release date has yet to surface, a recent age rating in South Korea hints Marvel’s Midnight Suns will land in stores sooner rather than later. A new leak appears to further narrow down 2K Games and Firaxis’ launch plans.

Midnight Suns slated for October

marvel's midnight suns release date supposedly leaked
Marvel’s Midnight Suns may launch in October.

In a Twitter thread, German journalist Nils Ahrensmeier leaked that Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ release date will fall on October 6.

Ahrensmeier additionally shared images of art for the title’s special editions, though they’ve since vanished due to a copyright removal, which lends more credence to their authenticity.

According to Ahrensmeier, 2K will soon open preorders for the Standard, Enhanced, and Legendary editions. The Enhanced edition should boast the core game, as well as an Enhanced Premium Pack filled with an extra skin for Captain America, Captain Marvel, Magik, Nico Minoru, and Wolverine.

Meanwhile, the Legendary version will include the base game, Season Pass (four DLC packs), and Legendary Premium Pack – the latter of which features 23 character skins. The Season Pass’ DLC packs will unlock access to new missions, enemies, and playable heroes.

Twitter user Dr. alucard managed to repost the removed images in the following tweet:

With digital events such as Summer Game Fest 2022 and the joint Xbox and Bethesda showcase right around the corner, the assumption is that Marvel’s Midnight Suns will soon receive a news blowout.

And since 2K Games appears on the list of confirmed Summer Game Fest participants, the public could see more of the new Firaxis title come showtime on June 9. It’s worth noting, however, that neither 2K nor Firaxis have shared their plans in this regard.

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