Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy: How to unlock all MCU outfits

GOTGMarvel, Square Enix

Guardians of The Galaxy is available for all Marvel fans to enjoy, and you can do so with flarking amazing style. Here’s how to unlock all the Marvel Cinematic Universe outfits within the game.

After the divisive launch of Marvel’s Avengers back in August 2020, fans can finally dig into a superhero experience worthy of the iconic comic book house name. Coming once again from Square Enix, Guardians of The Galaxy is a single-player adventure through the depths of space with superb music and blistering action, with our own review citing it as a “damn good space opera.”

As a love letter to fans of this intergalactic band of heroes, players can unlock cinematic-inspired outfits for the whole team from James Gunn’s take on the characters.

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Based upon the Chris Pratt iteration of the character, players can get hold of this simple-yet-sleek design in Chapter 6 of the game. Once you’ve got to the familiar location of Knowhere and have separated from the rest of the Guardians, you’ll be to find this outfit in Mantlo’s Bar.

However, if you fail to retrieve it the first time around, when you return later, it’ll be impossible to collect it at this point. Make sure you spot it the first time round to rock this awesome outfit.

Star LordMarvel, Square Enix
Dropping down behind Mantlo’s Bar will reveal this MCU outfit.
Star Lord MCUMarvel, Square Enix
While it might not be as flashy as other outfits in the game, this is a neat addition for MCU fans.

Rocket Raccoon

Voiced by Bradley Cooper in his many MCU appearances, the Marvel Cinematic Universe variant of Rocket Raccoon can be found very early on. In Chapter 1 while exploring the fallen spacecraft, you’ll eventually come to a section where Rocket declares it a “dead-end.” Instead of following Groot and Rocket through a small opening to the right, head left towards the rib-cage-looking structure. Once you’ve made it here, turn right and jump down the ledge to find the outfit available for retrieval.

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Rocket LocationMarvel, Square Enix
This is an easy one to miss very early in the game.
Rocket Raccon MCUMarvel, Square Enix
Ready to cause some chaos.


While his vocabulary may be limited, the wholesome nature of Groot (voiced by Fast and Furious’ own Vin Diesel) has warmed the hearts of millions of fans. To get hold of his cinematic appearance, you can also do this within the first chapter of the game.

Once you’ve finally got into the spacecraft and have wielded a very familiar intergalactic stone, you’ll exit this area to find a small hole on the right. Go through into this area to find Groot’s MCU outfit.

Groot LocationMarvel, Square Enix
This not-so-subtle opening reveals this outfit’s location.
Groot MCU outfitMarvel, Square Enix
We are groot.


Perhaps one of the more difficult outfits to acquire is Gamora’s outfit. Inspired by Zoe Saldana’s look in the 2014 film, can be located within Chapter 3 of the story. As your traverse through the mission, you’ll eventually come to a forest area with a vibrant red structure in the middle. After speaking with Gamora, turn right at the tracks she is looking at, following it all the way to the end. Turn left here and go into the cave. Once inside, destroy the gunk in the far corner, continue further, defeat some nasty jelly monsters, and finally, a final opening will reveal the costume’s location.

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GamoraMarvel, Square Enix
Keep an eye out for this entrance just past the red structure.
Gamora MCU OutfitMarvel, Square Enix
Gamora keeps her battle clothing simple.


Lastly, fans of Dave Bautista’s version of Drax can don his mission fit cargo pants and movie-inspired body pattern in Chapter 4. Upon your escape from the depths of Lady Hellbender’s fortress, you’ll be forced to defeat a vicious death drone. Once you’ve dealt with it, the resulting location is situated before a door that takes you further into the mission. Instead of heading this way, drop down into the large tube-like area and Drax’s MCU outfit will be waiting.

Drax Marvel, Square Enix
Continue forward here, instead of going left, to find this outfit.
Drax MCU OutfitMarvel, Square Enix
No invisibility powers sadly.

Guardians of The Galaxy is out now for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, Nintendo Switch, GeForce Now and Microsoft Windows.

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