Marvel’s Avengers players flame $80 MCU bundle following shutdown announcement

marvels avengers angry hulk headerCrystal Dynamics

Marvel’s Avengers fans are not happy that one of the game’s cosmetic bundles is still up following Crystal Dynamic’s shutdown announcement.

On January 20, 2023, developer Crystal Dynamics confirmed that it would end support for its online multiplayer game Marvel’s Avengers.

While players will be able to play both the single and multiplayer gameplay indefinitely following September 30, 2023, the game will no longer receive future updates, and all cosmetic items will eventually be free.

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The news that cosmetics will be free hasn’t sat well with some players, who’ve taken issue with the game’s Endgame Edition and MCU Outfit Pack still being available for purchase despite the shutdown announcement.

Marvel’s Avengers players slam ongoing cosmetic bundle

Fans on social media have started venting their frustration concerning the cosmetic bundles that are still available to purchase at the time of writing.

On the PlayAvengers subreddit, players have made threads denouncing the bundles following the shutdown announcement. “Idc what anyone says, the release of the most expensive cosmetic bundle ever days before the shutdown was announced isn’t a coincidence. A clear example of the greed that killed this game.”

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Most fans in the replies seemed to agree, with many voicing that the bundle seems like a “cash grab” to make more money before support ends. “Yeah, this can’t be defended. Imagine buying this bundle only to be told a few days later that all cosmetics are free after March.”

Other fans have shared this same sentiment as well—imagining players who may have missed the shutdown announcement only to spend extra money because the bundle was still available.

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“Imagine dropping $80 on that Marvel’s Avengers MCU bundle yesterday then finding out all skins are gonna be free in March,” said content creator Sadot The Gamer on Twitter.

It’s unclear whether or not Crystal Dynamics or Square Enix has any plans to remove these bundles from online stores, but at the time of writing, they are still available to purchase on platforms like PlayStation and Xbox. At the very least, those looking to jump into Marvel’s Avengers before support ends should keep in mind that all cosmetics will eventually be free on March 31, 2023.

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