Marvel’s Avengers gets surprising Thor Love and Thunder connection with newest hero

Square Enix

Square Enix has announced the game’s next hero and fans who are eagerly awaiting Thor Love and Thunder are in for a real treat. 

It has been five months since the beat ’em up added Spider-Man as the 10th playable character but the next addition to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes has been revealed.

The team at Crystal Dynamics took some inspiration from the realm of Asgard and it’s finally ready for the world to see.

Marvel’s Avengers’ newest hero

The Mighty Thor coming to Marvel's AvengersRussell Dauterman/Marvel Comics
Jane Foster’s Thor brings a new flavor to the iconic character.

As noted in an April 19 community update, Mighty Thor aka Jane Foster, will be joining the supersquad as the game’s 10th hero in update 2.5.

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Details are sparse as to how her arrival will affect the game, but Square Enix has promised to reveal more information as that day draws closer.

Who is Jane Foster/Mighty Thor?

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will know Jane Foster as the scientist who Chris Hemsworth’s Thor falls in love with after being tossed from Asgard in Thor (2011)

While her origin in the comics is a little different, the final result is much the same. As seen in the first trailer for the new movie, the fierce young woman eventually picks up Mjolnir for herself and takes on the mantle of The Mighty Thor.

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Natalie Portman in Thor Love & ThunderDisney/Marvel Studios
Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) brings down the hammer in Love & Thunder

When wielding the hammer she gains all the base traits associated with the God of Thunder, like superhuman strength and agility, but she also brings a few of her own tricks to the party.

Unlike Donald Blake and Beta Ray Bill before her, Foster’s version of Thor can change the speed and trajectory of her hammer while it is in flight.

This makes her a uniquely tricky person to battle with, but we’ll have to wait and see if that ability makes it into the game in some form.

There is no release date set for the character yet but Thor Love and Thunder is in theaters on July 8, so keep an eye out for Update 2.5 to land sometime before then.

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