Marvel Snap September 20 update patch notes: Spider-Man buffs, Mister Negative nerfs

Marvel Snap cinematicMarvel / Second Dinner

Marvel Snap’s September 20 update has arrived and the full patch notes reveal 23 card changes, new Emotes, and plenty of optimizations ahead of the game’s upcoming release.

As the full release of Marvel Snap on October 18 draws near, developers at Second Dinner are continuing to refine the early access build with new content drops and balance updates.

In the midst of Season 4: Sword and Shield, a brand new patch has been deployed to address the game’s current meta and also introduce a number of new improvements.

Here’s a full rundown on the September 20 Marvel Snap patch notes.

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Mister Negative finally nerfed in Marvel Snap Sep 20 update

23 cards in total have been adjusted in the September 20 Marvel Snap update. For some like Hulk, Onslaught, Red Skull, and Black Bolt to name a few, these changes are purely just incremental stat boosts, with all aforementioned characters gaining one extra Power.

For others, however, the latest changes are far more significant. After weeks of all but dominating the meta, Mister Negative has finally been slapped with a considerable nerf, dropping from a 4/4 card down to a 4/1.

Mister Negative Marvel comicsMarvel
Mister Negative has been a pivotal card for many weeks now in Marvel Snap.

“While this may seem like a big change, the power of the deck is largely in the cards hit by Mister Negative,” devs explained. “So we don’t foresee this being a massive hit to the deck’s overall power.

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Moreover, certain cards have had their Cost reduced in order to reach full Power earlier in the game. Both Thor and Jessica Jones, for instance, can be played a turn earlier than before, on turns three and four respectively.

The full list of card changes in the latest Marvel Snap patch can be found further down below.

Emotes, mission changes, and deck limits

Also included in the September 20 patch was a new set of emotes. Previously, players were fairly limited when it came to expressing themselves in combat. While the same system is still in effect, a handful of new emotes should provide more options to better fit any given situation.

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Weekly Missions should be a bit less stressful moving forward too, as overall requirements have dropped from 5, 10, 20, 30, 35 Daily Missions, down to 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 Daily Missions.

As an added bonus, players can now hold more decks than ever before, as the limit has been doubled from 10 decks up to 20.

Full Marvel Snap September 20 update patch notes

General Updates


  • Emotes: A new set of emotes are available for use! Check them out while playing a match by tapping your avatar & let your opponent know how you’re feeling about the latest play!
  • The matchmaking system will allow for longer wait time for high-ranked players to increase the likelihood of finding a more competitive opponent.
  • Weekly Mission requirements have been reduced to 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 completed Daily Missions. (Previously 5, 10, 20, 30, and 35)
  • The Game Result Screen has been visually upgraded.
  • Card art variant names are now visible in the Shop and Card Detail screen.
  • Doubled the max number of Decks from 10 to 20.


  • Haptics are now supported on Android devices (they were already present on iOS).
  • Game resolution has been increased on Low Settings.
  • Added a “Download All Assets” button in Settings that will let players choose to download all game files at a time of their choice. Downloading ahead of time will improve match game performance for players on devices with less RAM, slower processors, and/or poor network connectivity.


  • We have added initial support for the Spanish language. You can switch between languages in the Settings menu. This includes both text and voice overs. Please note that there are some areas of the game that are not yet fully translated.

Art & Visual Effects

To make for a snappier experience when moving, Ongoing effect updates are paused while moving multiple cards. Colossus visual effects have been disabled for now (to prevent the “glowing Colossus issue”).

  • Updated card visual effects for:
    • Agatha Harkness
    • Apocalypse
    • Ghost Rider
    • Goose
    • Kraven
    • Warpath
  • Updated location visual effects for:
    • Attilan
    • Bifrost
    • Mindscape
    • The Raft


  • New Card Sounds for:
    • Adam Warlock
    • Apocalypse
    • Colossus
    • Dr Doom
    • Ghost Rider
    • Kraven
    • Lockjaw
    • Mojo
    • Mystique
    • Quake
    • Warpath
    • Wong
  • New Location Sounds for:
    • Baxter Building
    • Dream Dimension
    • Knowhere
    • Lechuguilla
    • Mindscape
    • Nidavellir
    • The Raft
  • Voice Overs:
    • Removed “Defeat” VO line
    • Spanish VO

Balance Updates

Card Updates

  • Arnim Zola: No longer adds copies of a card if his target was not destroyed.
  • Baron Mordo: [2/3] On Reveal: Your opponent draws a card. Set its Cost to 6.
  • Jessica Jones: [4/4] On Reveal: If you don’t play a card here next turn, +4 Power.
  • Lady Sif: [2/4] -> [3/4]
  • Mister Negative: [4/4] -> [4/1]
  • Professor X: Ongoing: Lock down this location. (Cards can’t be added, removed, etc.)
  • Spider-Man: [4/2] -> [4/3]
  • Thor: [4/6] -> [3/4]

5-Cost Card Updates

  • Abomination: [5/8] -> [5/9]
  • Aero: [5/6] -> [5/8]
  • Black Bolt: [5/7] -> [5/8]
  • Blue Marvel: [6/4] -> [5/3]
  • Devil Dinosaur: [4/0] -> [5/3]
  • Gamora: [5/7] On Reveal: If your opponent played a card here this turn,+5 Power.
  • Klaw: [5/4] Ongoing: The location to the right has +6 Power.
  • Red Skull: [5/14] -> [5/15]
  • Ronan: [5/0] Ongoing: +3 Power for each card in your opponent’s hand.
  • Spider-Woman: [4/4] -> [5/7]

6-Cost Card Updates

  • Agatha Harkness: [6/13] -> [6/14]
  • Hulk: [6/11] -> [6/12]
  • Onslaught: [6/6] -> [6/7]
  • Spectrum: [6/4] -> [6/5]
  • Ultron: [6/8] On Reveal: Create four 1-Power Drones at each other location.

Location Updates

  • Attilan: After turn 3, shuffle your hand into your deck. Draw 3 cards.
  • New Location — Necrosha: Cards here have -2 Power.

Bug Fixes

In-match fixes

  • Cards should now be less likely to show up black/blank/empty during matches.
  • Fixed an issue where Lechuguilla or Korg adding rocks to hand could cause clients to freeze.
  • Fixed a bug that should prevent Deathlok visual effects freezing some devices.
  • Players can now retreat if your opponent plays Daredevil on turn 5 and snaps.
  • Fixed a bug where two friendly Daredevils would result in their effect being canceled.
  • Wong’s ability now functions correctly with Onslaught if Onslaught is played after Wong.
  • On Reveal effects triggered by Odin are now doubled by Kamar-Taj.
  • Improved speed of Ka-Zar and Blue Marvel’s abilities when they update card power.
  • Fixed an issue where Domino can get stuck in your hand after you’ve played her.
  • Fixed an issue where Hulks created at Gamma Lab retained modifiers from before transformation. Gamma Lab now turns token/spawned cards into Hulks properly.
  • Fixed an issue where The Peak did not visually change the power of some cards.
  • Xandar VFX activation cleaned up
  • Falcon VFX now moves when Falcon moves
  • Fixed an issue where cards could go invisible in-hand when switching hands with your opponent.
  • Limbo VFX should no longer appear if the game is already over when the location is revealed (if Dark Dimension or Invisible Woman is in play).
  • The opponent’s cards in the top-right of the rightmost location should now be easier to tap to focus.
  • Mister Fantastic no longer plays VFX if he is played on the only location remaining (if Worldship is in play).
  • Slightly adjusted the End Turn button’s readability and transitions.

General Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where auto-pushed season rewards could soft-lock the client.
  • TVA no longer prevents missions from completing correctly.
  • Death’s body is no longer missing on her base card art.
  • Collector’s Cache/Reserve images no longer disappear when scrolling the CLTR.
  • Swiping through cards in the collection no longer closes the card instead of moving to the next card.
  • Pasting a deck if you do not own all the cards will now create a deck with the cards you do own for that copied deck.
  • Players should now get credit for completing the “Win Matches with a Snap” mission when their opponent snapped (it was being counted only when the player snapped).
  • Season Key Art should now show up again on Android
  • Android “Back” button should now take you to the main screen if used in the Shop and Collection screens.
  • Many bug fixes for various card and avatar art (this may cause your game to re-download some assets).