Marvel Snap rewards are completely “broken” and players are furious


Marvel Snap players are reporting that they can’t claim rewards on the Collection Level track, and customer support has provided no help leaving dedicated players scrambling for answers.

Second Dinners’ newest game Marvel Snap has quickly become one of the most popular mobile games on the market, launching into the spotlight with quick, high-intensity gameplay.

However enthralling the gameplay is, the game’s functionality is equally as broken as players are reporting that they aren’t able to redeem their rewards from the Collection Level track, with Collector’s Caches being unredeemable.

On top of that, other players are also reporting customer service is unable to fix their problems relating to glitches in the game’s menus.

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Marvel Snap players furious over rewards glitches

On January 1, Snap player GWindborn posted to the game’s subreddit page to bring awareness to a specific glitch that has been plaguing their experience with the game.

They said, “I personally haven’t been able to open a single Cache, Collector’s, or Season, and my store has been the same since 12/21. The timer on the daily bonus credits goes an hour into the negatives before resetting. You can’t even scroll through the store, it shoots you back up to the top like it’s trying to reload the page.”

They added that since they began unlocking the Caches once they hit level 500 they haven’t been able to actually open any of them, making it impossible to unlock new cards or earn credits and gold.

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And, although this bug has been brought to the developer’s attention via Marvel Snap’s official Discord channel, the devs haven’t been able to alleviate the issue.

More Snap players in the comment section revealed they’ve been having similar issues.

One player noted, “Thank you for posting this. I’m having the exact same issue you described, been writing with “support” for over two weeks with dozens of unopened caches, but I only get generic recommendations.”

Another post on the Marvel Snap Reddit went viral for pointing out how their app has been glitched for over five weeks, leaving them unable to open their inbox and earn any log-in rewards, titling the post: “Marvel Snap is the worst support service of the year.”

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Despite contacting customer support via email, they’ve also been unable to have their problem resolved.

Although Marvel Snap has been a hit in terms of gameplay, the game has been absolutely plagued by bugs and glitches making progress frustratingly difficult.