Leaked images show canceled Marvel MMO project

iron man hovering in mid-airCrystal Dynamics

The Marvel MMO that was in development from Daybreak Studios was canned mere months after being announced. Now, screenshots of the games character customization screen have been leaked.

Despite being heavily involved in every single form of interactive media, Marvel has never done a proper MMO to go up against titans of the genre like World of Warcraft and FFXIV.

All of that was set to change when back in November of 2021 parent company Enad Global 7 revealed in a financial report that they had enlisted Daybreak Games to work on an MMO based on the Marvel universe led by CEO and DC Universe Online creator Jack Emmert.

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Now, the game has been shut down before ever actually being revealed.

Spider-Man may well be the next Marvel hero to join the Fortnite roster.Sony
Spider-Man could have made an appearance in the Marvel MMO, but we may never know for sure.

Leak shows canceled Marvel MMO project

On May 25, EG7 released a statement with the news that the Marvel MMO project from Daybreak was no longer in development.

The company said, “Based on the re-evaluation of the development risk profile, size of investment, and the long-term product portfolio strategy for the group, the board has decided to change the development priorities and reallocate resources within the group to focus on alternative long-term projects.”

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Images of the canceled project were posted by Ramiro Galan and show off character customization tools with a very comicbook-inspired art style.

Galan said of the game, “Emphasis was on rich and vibrant colors with stylistic tones that pay homage to Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse.”

She-Hulk in the Marvel comicsMarvel
The Marvel MMO that was only briefly in development is now canned.

Jack Emmert has since left Daybreak Games for NetEase, and will lead their new US-based studio Jackalope Games.

It might be quite some time before we see a Marvel MMO that can stand up to WoW, but until then, we’ll have Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine to look forward to.

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