Mario Strikers: Battle League update reveals Daisy, Shy Guy, and more


Nintendo announced its first free update for Mario Strikers Battle League. The update includes two new characters, new gear, and a new stadium.

Dexerto writer Daniel Mgarry said that Mario Strikers: Battle League is “the most fun you’ll have with a Mario sports game on Switch” in his review.

Mario Strikers: Battle League is a return to form for the Mario soccer franchise after a 15-year hiatus. The game received glowing reviews, and Nintendo committed to releasing a healthy dose of post-launch content.

The first Mario Strikers update introduces Daisy and Shy Guy to the roster. The update also adds in a new gear set and a new stadium.

What’s included in Mario Strikers’ first update

Mario Strikers: Battle League free updatesNintendo
Mario Strikers: Battle League is receiving two more free updates in 2022.

The reveal trailer from Nintendo shows Dasiy and Shy Guy in action and gives a sneak peek at the new gear set and stadium.

Nintendo also confirmed that two more updates are arriving in 2022. One of the biggest criticisms of Mario Strikers: Battle League is its small roster size.

Shy Guy and Daisy total 12 characters currently. Two more updates should increase the roster size to at least 16 characters.

Daisy is described as a technique-type character that is hard to knock off the ball.

Here are Daisy’s full stats

Strength: 13

Speed: 9

Shooting: 10

Passing: 13

Technique: 18

Shy Guy is similar to Toad, and the developers described him as an all-rounder whose gear choices are key.

Here are Shy Guy’s full stats

Strength: 13

Speed: 12

Shooting: 13

Passing: 13


The new Knight gear set increases strength and shooting while sacrificing speed and technique. The gear set would pair nicely with heavier characters such as Donkey Kong or Bowser.

The new stadium Desert Ruin has four variations in size and layout.

Nintendo announced the Mario Strikers DLC releases on July 21 at 6 p.m. PT.