Mario Strikers Battle League tier list: Which character is best?

Characters appearing on the Mario Strikers Battle League tier listNintendo

There are 10 players to choose from in Mario Strikers Battle League, but which character is best? Our tier list should help you decide.

Like all Mario sports games, the player you choose in Mario Strikers Battle League is about more than just their appearance, as you’ll need to take into account their stat distribution and their Hyper Strikes.

With four slots to fill on your team, you’ll also need to look beyond your favorite character. This means it’s important to know where each player stands in the ranking, and whether they’re worth recruiting.

Below, you’ll find our ranking of every character in Mario Strikers Battle League. This tier list was formed using each player’s base stats, Hyper Strike viability, and our own experiences playing as them.

Four characters in Mario Strikers Battle LeagueNintendo
Knowing the best players can help you rise to the top.

Mario Strikers Battle League character tier list

Here’s our current tier list for every character in Mario Strikers Battle League:

Tier Characters
S Tier Peach and Donkey Kong
A Tier Mario, Rosalina, Yoshi and Waluigi
B Tier Luigi and Bowser
C Tier Wario and Toad

As with all of our tier lists, S Tier represents the top of the league while C Tier should probably sit it out on the bench. It’s worth pointing out, though, that these rankings don’t take gear into account.

For example, Toad may be at the bottom of our tier list due to his lack of strength, but if you equip some Muscle gear it’s easy to balance out his stat distribution in a more favorable way.

Which characters are best in Mario Strikers Battle League?

Peach and Donkey Kong as the best characters in Mario Strikers Battle LeagueNintendo
Peach and Donkey Kong are two of the most versatile players.

Based on our tier list above, which includes a variety of factors like stats and how good their Hyper Strikes are, we believe that Peach and Donkey Kong are two of the best characters in Mario Strikers Battle League.

Peach is able to outrun opponents and position herself well for a goal opportunity with a combination of high Speed and Technique stats. She’s also got a great Hyper Strike, which enchants the opposing team to score an own goal.

Donkey Kong is the most well-rounded of the traditionally ‘strong’ characters in the Mario Strikers Battle League roster, with a high Strength stat that’s perfect for tackling without suffering from slow Speed or Passing stats.

While these two characters top our tier list in the game, it’s always important to have a balanced team that can cover all bases like tackling, passing, and shooting; so mix things up and see what works best for you!