Yoshi and Baby Mario fit right into Death Stranding crossover parody

Death Stranding is one of the most hyped-up games to come out during the 2019 holiday season and it’s already capturing fan’s imaginations.

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The first independent title from video game designer Hideo Kojima, Death Stranding came out on November 8, 2019.

Fans spent more than a year wondering what the heck the game would be about since it was first announced but the reaction since release appears to be mostly positive.

SonyDeath Stranding is one of the most anticipated games of 2019.600[ad name=”article2″]

Yoshi meets Kojima

YouTuber NCHProductions decided to combine the Death Stranding hype with the world of Super Mario and the results are pretty impressive.

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Sam Bridges, the main character in Death Stranding, is replaced with Yoshi and instead of a generic baby in a case, the green dinosaur carries around Baby Mario.

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Instead of reconnecting the country, Yoshi Stranding follows his quest to rebuild the stages of the Mushroom Kingdom one mystery box at a time.

During his journey, he faces off against Shy Guys in the place of MULE and a Chain Chomp instead of Death Stranding’s Beached Things.

Even more Mario characters make cameos in the end credits of the video, but the pairing of Baby Mario and Yoshi is definitely the best in the video.

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Death Stranding doesn’t come to PC until sometime in 2020, but there’s a good chance that some modders will put Yoshi into the game in some form to make NCH’s vision come true.


Yoshi actually makes a great Sam Bridges.600

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What else has NCHProductions done?

NCHProdutions is an animator who does humorous parodies of popular games, including Monster Hunter: World, Undertale, Pokemon and more.

Yoshi Stranding is set to join the channels list of most-viewed videos with just under one million views at the time of writing.

Not too bad for a video that’s only a few days old, and just might show how popular Kojima’s latest creation really is.

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