Mario Golf Super Rush: Characters, special moves, game modes & features

super rush new trailerNintendo

The Mushroom Kingdom will be hitting the greens soon in Mario Golf Super Rush, and there is now a full cast of characters and special moves for players to learn about. 

A Mario golf game is something Nintendo fans have become accustomed to over the years, with Mario and his beloved crew often adventuring into different sports such as tennis and soccer.

Now, Mario Golf Super Rush has released a brand new trailer featuring an ample amount of content that will be within the game come launch. There is a lot to unpack here, so let’s run over everything that was revealed in the new trailer!

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Mario and crew are once again hitting the greens

New gameplay trailer

Before we jump into all the goodies that were within the new trailer, it is best that you check it out for yourself! Nintendo UK posted a brand new gameplay trailer for Mario Golf Super Rush on May 17th, 2021; and it provides further details into what is going to come when the game fully releases.

Release date

Thankfully, the new Mario golf title is not one that is going to experience a delay in release, as we have seen with countless titles over the last year.

As of now, the game is set to release worldwide on June 25th, 2021, just in time for Summer.

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Characters and special moves revealed

One of the shining details we received from this new trailer was the full cast of characters that players will be able to play when the game release. Before, we only knew of the standard Mario characters such as Luigi and Peach would be in the game.

super mario golf characters Nintendo
The full cast of character’s

Another aspect of these characters is that they all have their own unique special moves that players will be able to use on the course. These moves are unique to each character, but we do not know all of them as of now.

Along with the special moves, each character also has dedicated stamina, control, power, speed, and spin metrics that will vary from character to character. As one would guess, Bowser has a significantly higher power rating than Mario. Below is a full list of all characters in Mario Golf Super Rush, along with the special moves we know right now.

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  • Mario
    • Strikes the ball with immense power, knocking it further than a regular shot
  • Luigi
    • The surrounding area will freeze when the ball impacts the ground
  • Wario
    • Creates a lightning storm that will throw off the trajectory of other players balls
  • Waluigi
  • Peach
    • Opposing players balls will be throw off course if they are in the line of path of Peach’s shot
  • Daisy
    • Similar to Mario’s special move, as Daisy’s shot will be fused with more power
  • Yoshi
    • When the ball lands on the course, it will turn into an egg
  • Bowser
    • Also strikes the ball with staggering power
  • Bowser Jr.
  • Boo
    • When Boo’s ball lands, it will scare other players’ balls that are nearby. This causes them to move slightly
  • Donkey Kong
  • Rosalina
    • When her ball lands, it will turn into Star Bits for the player to collect
  • Pauline
    • Pauline signs and after she strikes, other players balls will move out of the way causing them to detour off the course
  • Toad
    • Summoning a massive golden mushroom, Toad will blast the ball with power
  • Chargin’ Chuck
    • Also causes other players balls to deter from the course upon impact
  • King Bob-omb
    • When King Bob-omb’s ball hits the ground, it will spawn mini-bombs that will create chaos on the course.
special moves mario super golfNintendo
These moves are bound to create mayhem on the golf course

New game modes

Towards the latter portion of the new gameplay trailer, we also got a closer look at some of the game modes players will be able to check out. Among these modes includes further detail into the single-player adventure we will be able to journey on.

Let’s run over some of the game modes that will be within Mario Golf Super Rush.

Battle Golf

This game mode is a simple one, and it is basically a condensed version of a regular golf game. Players will battle it out over nine holes, and the first player to win three holes wins it all!

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battle golf mode Nintendo
Are you the best golfer out of your friends?

Speed Golf

The more frantic game mode that will be in Mario Golf Super Rush, Speed Golf is all about, you guessed it, speed. Players will have to race after each shot with their player, taking advantage of the character’s stamina rating.

The ultimate goal is to be the first player to finish the hole, and along the way, you can collect certain items over the course that will regenerate your stamina and increase your speed. Golfers will also be able to use special speed dashes, which should gain the upper hand over some slower characters.

Speed GolfNintendo
Speed is the name of the game in this mode

Golf Adventure

Last but not least is the single-player campaign game mode, Golf Adventure. As you would guess, this game mode will take you on a journey throughout the multiple courses in the game, and you will be able to level up your character to mold them into the best golfer possible.

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You will use your already created Mii throughout this game mode, and there is a dedicated village where you can talk with the characters of the game. As well, not only will you be golfing on course in this game mode, but you will be tasked with all sorts of challenges.

Hopefully, you can become the best golfer in the Mushroom Kingdom in no time!