Magic: The Gathering’s Lord of the Rings expansion includes fittingly ultra rare card

magic the gathering lord of the ringsWizards

Wizards of the Coast has revealed the much-anticipated Lord of the Rings expansion, which includes one exceedingly rare card that follows the series’ lore.

The Magic: The Gathering card game is no stranger to crossovers, such as the Doctor Who set planned for 2023 and the upcoming Lord of the Rings expansion.

Recently, Wizards of the Coast revealed some cards included in the Lord of the Rings set, which features iconic characters and locations like Samwise the Stouthearted and Mount Doom.

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One of the cards included in the set is fittingly rare as just like in the iconic fantasy series Wizards claimed there will only be one printed edition of this card in circulation.

Magic: The Gathering’s One Ring card

According to a Wizard’s announcement blog post, The One Ring card will live up to its name and history in the series, as there will only be one card in circulation.

The blog post explained the significance behind The One Ring and called it, “The most iconic element of The Lord of the Rings…” As such, they created a special edition of this card that can only be found in English Collector Booster packs.

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“Serialized as the only one of one, this ‘Precious’ is a traditional foil card printed in the Black Speech of Sauron using Tengwar letterforms and can only be found in a single English-language The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth Collector Booster.”

magic the gathering the one ring cardsWizards
The two versions of The One Ring card, with the left being the rare foil edition.

Thankfully for fans who don’t like the idea of completely missing out on a card, The One Ring will be widely available in normal print without its foil and special text.

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The One Ring card is a 4 mana-cost artifact card with the description, “When The One Ring enters the battlefield, if you cast it, you gain protection from everything until your next turn.” While players lose 1 life for each burden on this card, they can also draw cards depending on its burden counter.

All in all, Magic’s limited The One Ring special foil card seems like a fun way to pay homage to its roots in J. R. R. Tolkien’s epic fantasy series.

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