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Magic: The Gathering world champion disqualified for cheating with marked cards

Published: 28/Apr/2019 12:01 Updated: 28/Apr/2019 12:57

by Daniel Cleary


Magic: The Gathering Hall of Famer and World Champion, Yuuya Watanabe, has been disqualified from Mythic Championship 2 after marked cards were found in his deck.

Magic: The Gathering legend disqualified

Magic: The Gathering is currently one of the most popular card based games and often runs many competitive tournaments around the world for its growing fanbase.

It came as a shock to everyone when one of the more legendary MTG players, who has a world championship and multiple player of the year awards to his name, Yuuya Watanabe was disqualified from one of these tournaments, Mythic Championship II.

yuuya watanabe / dailyesportsYuuya Watanabe after winning the MTG Players Championship 2012.

This was reported on the official Magic channel broadcast on Twitch, when a deck check in round 15 of the tournament revealed Yuuya had been playing with marked cards during his competitive matches.

There were eight cards allegedly marked in Yuuya’s deck in total and after the judging staff ruled the markings as unlikely to be naturally caused, they disqualified Yuuya from the tournament shortly after.

It was then announced that a further investigation would be launched into Yuuya Watanabe’s infraction by the Magic Pro League.

Yuuya apologizes to Magic fans

Yuuya has since apologized to his fans in Japanese after being disqualified from the tournament, roughly translated Yuuya gave his apologies to his supporters and claimed he was unaware the cards were in such a state and only noticed it when the judge brought attention to the markings, before ultimately agreeing with the ruling.

Many were disappointed to see such a big name in the competitive magic scene getting disqualified for cheating and were unsure what this meant for Yuuya’s future.

Overwatch League caster Mitch ‘Uber’ Leslie was among the list as he simply responded with “Dude what the fuck.”

This is not the first time a Magic: The Gathering player has been exposed for foul play, as another professional player, Rei Sato was disqualified for cheating earlier in January 2018 at the Grand Prix Prague.

This has lead many fans to question the legitimacy of many of the professional Magic The Gathering players that are actively competing.


New Smash Ultimate fighter theory rules out fan-favorites as next DLC

Published: 25/Nov/2020 19:11 Updated: 25/Nov/2020 19:17

by Michael Gwilliam


A new theory in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate community suggests that the next DLC character won’t be one of the popular favorites for Fighters Pass Volume 2.

The theory has to do with the latest tournament event announced by Nintendo. As revealed on November 24, the upcoming tournament will only feature fighters who have a form of headwear such as a hat or helmet.

Normally these events come and go with fans not really reading too much into them, but there is a good chance that Nintendo would want a new fighter to partake in an event such as this.

Basically, if the next DLC fighter was going to be a character such as Doom Slayer, Geno or Ryu Hayabusa, they would have qualified for this event. As such, it would have made more sense to save this tournament until after they released.

Over on the popular forum Smashboards, fans started speculating what this could mean for future DLC.

“The tourney suggests that the next fighter does NOT have a hat, since they cannot be included,” wrote user Aerospherology.

“Considering Mega Man is also there, this includes helmets too,” another pointed out.

Megaman attacks in Smash
The headgear event includes helmets such as Megaman’s.

User pupNapoleon further noted that this would rule out Master Chief, Doom Guy, Excite Biker, Balloon Fighter and Mach Rider.

Furthermore, when considering full hoods, Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion and Ninja Gaiden’s Ryu Hayabusa get deconfirmed.

Smash Ultimate DLC fighters spots
There are still four more DLC spots left.

While the odds seem to definitely be against Geno for now, on the bright side, this could be a good sign for a fighter such as Crash Bandicoot who has long been rumored for Smash DLC.

Of course, this is still just a theory and it’s more than possible that the next fighter ends up coming with a hat or helmet. Nonetheless, it’s something to consider when thinking about just who the eighth DLC character to join the Smash Ultimate roster will actually be.