Madden 23 Franchise mode gets long-awaited scouting, free agency features

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Madden’s Franchise mode often falls to the wayside in favor of Ultimate Team, but EA announced some massive changes coming to Madden 23’s Franchise mode.

Madden 23 releases on August 19. EA already unveiled John Madden as the cover star and a new FieldSENSE system.

2022 was a historic NFL offseason. Russel Wilson, Tyreke Hill, Davante Adams, Khalil Mack, and other superstars all changed teams. It’s difficult to recall an offseason with more movement from star players.

Befitting the crazy offseason, Madden 23 Franchise mode is receiving new free agency and scouting features.

Madden 23 All Madden Edition Cover ArtEA Sports/NFL
The game’s “All Madden Edition” features art from Chuck Styles.

Madden 23 Franchise mode new features

IGN released an overview trailer on July 15, reviewing all the new additions to Madden 23’s Franchise mode.

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Madden 23 developers set out to enhance realism, upgrade authenticity, and offer an overall improved experience for Franchise mode.

Player motivations and player tags

Free agents in Madden 22 went to the highest bidder, but Madden 23 introduces player motivations and tags that add an extra level of nuance for free-agency bidding.

Free agents now consider other variables besides money when choosing a team to sign for in Madden 23. The video gives an example with Jarvis Landry, who signed with his hometown, Saints to be closer to home.

Madden 23 offers a no-state income tax motivation for states like Florida and Texas that may further entice free agents.

Here is a complete list of player motivations according to IGN.

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  • Super Bowl Chase
  • Historic Championships
  • Head Coach Historic Record
  • Scheme Fit
  • Top the Depth Chart
  • Team has Franchise QB
  • Mentor at Position
  • Close to Home
  • Big Market
  • Tax-Free State
  • Warm Weather State
  • Highest Offer
Jarvis Landry signed with the New Orleans Saints.IGN
Jarvis Landry signed with his hometown New Orleans Saints this offseason.

Players will have different motivations based on the stage of their career and what they may be looking for from their next franchise. Player tags are dynamic labels that update based on week-to-week performances.

The video uses Aaron Rodgers as an example. Rodgers winning the MVP award gives him an Award Winner tag, increasing his market value amongst other teams.

Here is a complete list of player tags

  • Award Winner
  • Franchise QB
  • Bridge QB
  • QB of the Future
  • Future Starter
  • Bridge Player
  • Mentor
  • Trade Target

Free Agency HUB

Free Agency HUB is a new Madden 23 featureIGN
Madden 23’s free agency hub allows players to see all the information needed to sign a free agent.

The new free agency HUB allows players to place offers, compete against other teams, manage free agent signings, view player motivations and tags, and more.

Active negotiation is a new feature that limits the number of offers a team can have at one time.

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Madden 23 introduces four new types of contract offers.

  • Player Friendly
  • Team Friendly
  • Neutral
  • Very Player Friendly
  • Custom

A rollover cap allows you to carry over unused cap space from the previous season.

Scouting Updates

Madden 23 makes massive changes to the scouting system.

  • More scouts to choose from
  • additional position experience
  • scout multiple positions at each statge
  • weighted attribute reveals

Madden 23 improves trade logic, so more players get listed on the trade block, and you will receive more offers if a player requests a trade.

EA made several other quality of life changes to improve the overall Franchise mode experience. We will provide updates on any other new announcements for Madden 23.