Lunagaron Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Weakness, armor, weapons, materials & more

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Knowing Lunagaron’s elemental weaknesses gives you a massive edge when fighting the Fanged Wyvern in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Hunting this new monster in the game will also provide you with one of the strongest elemental weapons in the game.

Lunagaron is one of the newest monsters to be added in Monster Hunter Rise with the latest Sunbreak expansion. The Fanged Wyvern features various kinds of attacks depending on the large monster’s contemporary stance.

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Given that the Lunagaron drops some very rare materials when dropped, farming this monster repeatedly is definitely worth investing your time in. Our guide dives into many of the need-to-knows — including the weaknesses as well as the rewards claimed from defeating Lunagaron in the game.


screenshot of lunagaron in Monster Hunter Rise: SunbreakCapcom
Lunagaron debuts in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Lunagaron weakness Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Lunagaron is weak against a variety of elements including Fire, Thunder, and Dragon in that specific order. This means that the Fanged Wyvern is weakest against the Fire elemental weapons, followed by Thunder the second most, and Dragon as the third. Additionally, you should also avoid carrying Water or Ice elemental weapons as they have negligible to no effect on the monster.

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Similar to most monsters in the game, the Lunagaron’s weakest part is its head. For this reason, you should be looking to attack this area whenever you get the chance. However, Lunagaron is incredibly agile, which can make it extremely difficult for Hunters to continuously strike the monster’s weak part.

In order to keep Lunagaron from moving, be sure to strike the monster whenever ice covers its body. This will shatter after a set amount of damage has been done, giving you a few precious seconds to hit its weak points when it has toppled over.

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Lunagaron location

artwork for the Lunagaron monster in Monster Hunter Rise: SunbreakCapcom
Make sure to farm Lunagarons for exquisite drop rewards.

You can find the Lunagaron across multiple locations on the map. Here’s a list of the confirmed locations where the Fanged Wyvern has been spotted in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

  • Shrine Ruins
  • Frost Islands
  • Citadel
  • Jungle

Before heading any further, you should note that this specific monster is only available in Master Rank quests, meaning that you will have to purchase the Sunbreak expansion to hunt it in the game.

To fight Lunagaron, you must be at least Master Rank 4. This places the fight right in the middle of the base MR quests.

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Lunagaron materials

All the Lunagaron materials can be found in the table below, so make sure you check it out to see how you can get each part.

Materials  Target Rewards Capture Rewards Broken Part Rewards Carves  Dropped Materials
Lunagaron Cortex 14% 16% 20% 26% 35%
Lunagaron Shard 34% 33% 27% 37% 29%
Luna Vermilion Hardclaw 23% 27% 50% -% -%
Frostborn Hardfang 18% -% 70% 23% 15%
Lunagaron Bluecore 8% 9% -% 12% 20%
Lunagaron Frost Jewel 3% 3% 3% 2% 1%
Lunagaron Lash Shell -% 12% 80% -% -%
Large Wyvern Tear -% -% -% -% 50%

Lunargon weapons

Every Lunargon weapon in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak can be found below. These are easily some of the best ice elemental damage weapons in the game, with high base elemental scaling. 

Since elemental damage in Sunbreak received a massive buff, expect to see Lunargon weapons in a lot of meta builds.

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However, you should note that this is only for the first version upgrade material. Later upgrades are not shown in the list below.

Lunagaron Weapons Materials Required
Vadel Frostedge
  • Afflicted Claw x5
  • Afflicted Shell x5
  • MR Lunagaron 30 points
Sword of Winter Moon
  • Lunagaron Shard x4
  • Frostborn Hardfang x2
  • Lunagaron Lash Shell x2
  • Dense Block of Ice x2
Lunagaron Claw
  • Heavy Lunagaron Scrap x2

Lunagaron armor set

The Lunagaron armor set is geared to grant you massive resistance when equipped together with all the pieces. Additionally, the armor is also extremely resistance against Ice elemental weapons and attacks.

Although it might not be the strongest armor in the game, the Lunagaron armor is definitely a good choice as you progress through the mid-game.

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Having said that, here’s a list of all the pieces in the Lunargaron armor along with the materials you need to craft them and the abilities they possess.

Armor Piece Materials Armor Skills
Lunagaron Helm
  • Lunagaron Shard x3
  • Luna Vermillion Hardclaw x1
  • Lunagaron Cortex x1
  • Lunagaron Frost Jewel x1
  • Critical Eye x2
  • Wirebug Whisperer x1
Lunagaron Mail
  • Lunagaron Shard x4
  • Frostborn Hardfang x2
  • Lunagaron Bluecore x3
  • Centuria Ore x2
  • Agilator x2
  • Redirection x1
Lunagaron Braces
  • Lunagaron Cortex x4
  • Lunagaron Shard x1
  • Lunagaron Lash Shell x1
  • Cryo Sac x2
  • Agilator x3
  • Wirebug Whisperer x1
Lunagaron Coil
  • Lunagaron Shard x4
  • Lunagaron Cortex x4
  • Frostborn Hardfang x2
  • Chipped Oldbone x2
  • Latent Power x2
  • Wirebug Whisperer x1
Lunagaron Greaves
  • Lunagaron Cortex x4
  • Luna Vermillion Hardclaw x1
  • Lunagaron Lash Shell x1
  • Auroracanth Fin x1
  • Latent Power x3
  • Redirection x1

So, there you have it, everything you need to know about Lunagaron’s weakness, location, weapons, and armor set. Make sure you check out our Monster Hunter page for all the latest news and guides. 

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