Lost Ark Key Swallowed by Mimic: Location & how to use

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Lost Ark has thousands of treasures nestled away in Arkesia’s nooks and crannies, but the Key Swallowed by Mimic is not only one of the rarest, but most confusing. Here’s where to get it, and what it does.

As you take your first steps into the wonderful world of Lost Ark‘s Arkesia, you’ll quickly realise that there’s a whole new world of secrets just waiting to be uncovered.

From tracking down the elusive Key of Harmony to open its respective Gate, to sailing the high seas in search of the Requiem of Twilight or the Whispering Islet; there’s a thousand different treasures calling your name. There are none quite like the Key Swallowed by Mimic, though; but you probably gathered that from the name

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Wondering what this bizarre little contraption does, and where you can collect it for yourself? Here’s everything you need to know about the Key Swallowed by Mimic in Lost Ark.


lost ark ozhorn hill yudiaSmilegate RPG
Amid the barren landscapes of Ozhorn Hill lies the mysterious Key Swallowed by Mimic.

Lost Ark Key Swallowed by Mimic: Location

In order to start your search for the Key Swallowed by Mimic, you’ll have to head out to the sparkling salt plains of Yudia; the glistening white oasis between Prideholme and Luterra.

The key can be found at the Navatia Ruins, but securing it isn’t a walk in the park:

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  1. Travel to the Assembly Area triport in Ozhorn Hill
  2. Head south east to reach the Navatia Ruins (see image below)
  3. You will see a whole collection of Mimics bouncing around the area; defeat them
    • Mimics are fearsome treasure chests with some particularly nasty teeth and a bad attitude
  4. One of the Mimics will drop the Key Swallowed by Mimic when defeated; but this is all based on chance
lost ark key swallowed by mimic location on ozhorn hill map yudiaSmilegate RPG
You’ll find these fearsome little demons lurking around the Nevatia Ruins.

Lost Ark Key Swallowed by Mimic: Uses

While you don’t need to go miles out of your way to get this key, unfortunately the item has absolutely no use what so ever. Yes, you read that right; it does nothing.

Whether or not it will activate future content remains unseen, so it may be worth hanging onto. However, if you’re scrounging for cash to buy materials to upgrade your weapons and armor, it may be worth letting this saliva-covered opportunity pass you by.

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So that’s how to get the (very useful) Key Swallowed by Mimic in Lost Ark! Not a fan of chasing shadows? Be sure to check out our other Lost Ark guides to stay ahead of the curve – they actually do give you useful loot, we promise.

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