Lost Ark dominates Twitch viewership overtaking GTA and League

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Since Smilegate RPG’s MMO Lost Ark launched on North American and European servers on February 8, it’s completely dominated Twitch, blowing usual leaders in the viewership category like League of Legends and Grand Theft Auto 5 completely out of the water.

Lost Ark launched in the west to critical acclaim, and quickly rose up the ranks on Steam as one of the biggest game launches ever on the platform.

The action RPG has held the attention of some of Twitch’s biggest streamers, like Asmongold who has endlessly praised it, and shroud, who did a complete reversal on the game after initially disliking it.

The stats behind the game’s rise reveal just how popular the MMO has become on Twitch, beating out some fierce competitors.

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Smilegate RPG
Lost Ark is published by Amazon Game Studios.

Lost Ark rules Twitch

According to stat tracking site SullyGnome, Lost Ark has absolutely crushed the competition in hours watched on Twitch.

Since February 9, just one day after the game launched early for those who purchased the Founder’s Pack, Lost Ark has had over 113 million hours watched. League of Legends is behind Lost Ark at over 68 million hours, and behind that is GTA V at just under 66 million hours.

Blowing out established titles like LoL and GTA is no small feat, and proves just how immensely popular the game has become.

lost ark stats
Lost Ark has had a meteoric rise on Twitch.

The MMO was also number one in peak viewers, and is the only game on Twitch to break peak viewership at just over 1 million viewers in this time period.

Lost Ark endured a rocky launch, with Smilegate RPG even delaying the game’s official release due to server issues. Despite that, the game has already shown more staying power than publisher Amazon’s previous MMO New World, which quickly fell off in popularity.

Many video games come and go on Twitch, but Lost Ark looks like it’s here to stay.

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