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Leaker reveals next Nintendo Direct date, Smash Ultimate DLC and Zelda content

Published: 29/Jul/2021 17:26

by Michael Gwilliam


A prominent leaker is claiming to have data pointing to when the next Nintendo Direct will happen, what to expect game-wise, and the reveal of the final Smash Ultimate DLC fighter.

Nintendo last held a Direct back at E3 and ended it with a new release window and trailer for the highly-anticipated next entry in The Legend of Zelda series with Breath of the Wild 2.

Since then fans have been wondering when the next Direct will be and if the leaker’s information is accurate, fans won’t have long to wait at all.

When is the next Nintendo Direct?

According to Samus Hunter, Nintendo’s next Direct presentation will be taking place in September 2021, and there’s going to be a lot packed into it in the form of new upcoming games and old ones with ongoing content.


While Hunter says that the list of games can change, there are some games they’re more confident about based on data currently in their possession.

For starters, Metroid Dread will have a big focus at the Direct. Advance Wars and Mario Party, however, will have sections dedicated to new features.

Animal Crossing New Horizons updates are also in the works and could be seen at the Direct along with some big DLC plans for both Smash and a new Zelda Hyrule Warriors story.

Smash Ultimate invite
The leaker claims the last Smash Ultimate DLC could be revealed in September.

Smash Ultimate DLC in September?

With Smash Ultimate, the final DLC fighter is set to release no later than December 2021, so a September reveal wouldn’t be out of the question. That said, given how Smash DLC announcements at The Game Awards have been so well-received, it seems odd not to wait.


If there is a reveal in September and a DLC release soon thereafter, it may bode very well for the rumored extra fighter down the line.

Of course, Sakurai has made it very clear that the final character in Fighters Pass Volume 2 will be the last, but never rule anything out completely until we see it for ourselves.

Though, they didn’t discuss who the next fighter will be, so we’ll have to wait for more information there.

Third-party content

Elsewhere, Samus Hunter claimed that Capcom “has to reveal a Resident Evil for the Switch.” They added in the comments that this will be a completely new title, so it’s something for big RE fans to be on the lookout for.


They went on to add that Bayonetta 3 will be in a similar position to “a title developed by Nintendo, Monolith are at a very good point with their project, since a few months have finalized the cutscenes and in recent weeks have worked on much of the music, so the project is entering the final stages.”

Plus, the leaker also suspects that if a rumored Microsoft-Nintendo collaboration for something is going to happen, this Direct would be the best place.

Zelda BOTW news

Despite Hyrule Warriors getting some new DLC, things regarding Breath of the Wild 2 are going to be a bit more hush for now.


“I doubt in news about the Zelda BotW sequel, other than a small notice that we’ll see it in a few months,” they explained.

This would make sense as the title is still quite a long way away and Nintendo has other games it likely wants to shine a spotlight on until then.

As always, take this information with a grain of salt, but if it ends up being true, then this could very well be an extremely important stream to tune into.