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KSI reveals Roblox crossover: YouTuber hosting Fortnite-style event to celebrate album

Published: 10/Aug/2021 6:21 Updated: 10/Aug/2021 7:20

by Brad Norton


YouTube star, boxing trendsetter, best selling artist, and now, Roblox collaborator. That’s right, KSI has his very own Roblox event on the way to celebrate the launch of his latest record, All Over The Place. Here’s everything you need to know.

Hot off the heels from his very own KSI Show and a chart-topping album debut, KSI is taking his efforts to Roblox next. In the same vein as Travis Scott and more recently Ariana Grande’s Fortnite concerts, KSI will be doing the very same inside of Roblox.

The popular YouTuber will be performing four songs from his new album All Over The Place directly in the game as part of a virtual launch party. Not only will fans be able to listen along with their friends, but Roblox is set to offer a number of unique gameplay experiences as well.


Previous Roblox collaborations with the likes of Lil Nas X drew in a reported 33 million views overall. Compared to the 12.3 million concurrent players involved with Travis Scott’s Fortnite event, the potential reach is evidently just as big.

KSI Roblox event schedule

KSI’s exclusive Roblox crossover event goes live on Friday, August 13 at 4PM PT. The event will then repeat every hour on the hour for the next two days. The final showing of this KSI collab winds down on Sunday, August 15 at 11PM PT. 

There’s currently no telling how long each showing will last, though last year’s Lil Nas X event ran for roughly 10 minutes each time.


KSI Roblox show
Roblox Corporation
The KSI Roblox event will repeat hourly.

KSI Roblox event-exclusive rewards

Just for jumping into the launch party event, players can get their hands on some exclusive Roblox goodies. From new cosmetics to animated emotes, there’s plenty on offer that won’t be available anywhere else.

Players can copy KSI’s hairstyle, wear his own custom boxing belt, and even rock a handful of uniquely British items. Below is the full list of everything on offer through the collab.

  • Black Bandana With Dreads
  • Golden Headphones
  • Championship Belt
  • AOTP Hat
  • London Back Flag
  • Royal Guard Hat
  • Royal Scepter
  • Royal Cape
  • Neon Gamer Glasses
  • Neon Gamer Backpack
  • Neon Gamer Race Car Helmet
  • Show Dem Wrists Emote
  • Boxing Punch Emote
  • Wake Up Call Emote
KSI Roblox merch
Roblox Corporation
Roblox players can grab unique rewards during the KSI crossover event.

KSI Roblox event features

The KSI Roblox event is set to begin with a virtual concert featuring four tracks from All Over The Place. Throughout this performance, players can listen along inside of a ‘boxing ring dance floor.’


Moreover, players will be able to compete during the event by racing their friends through the streets of London.

Outside of the show, KSI will also be hosting a Q&A session after the first showing, along with a rooftop after-party. You can register for the event here.