Knockout City has blown up on Twitch, but is it just the next Fall Guys? - Dexerto

Knockout City has blown up on Twitch, but is it just the next Fall Guys?

Published: 27/May/2021 13:45

by Lauren Bergin


EA’s newest Originals Title, Knockout City, is slowly but surely dominating Twitch. The Velan Studios title is pretty niche, however, so will it be able to conquer the internet, or will it die like Fall Guys? 

When it comes to sports games, EA are one of the best in the business. With their dominant FIFA franchise, the developer has achieved unrivaled success in the sport genre of gaming.

Appearing completely out of left field, though, is Velan Studios EA Originals title, Knockout City. With a dodgeball inspiration, the game sees players battle it out in 3v3 “dodgebrawls” with the aim of taking down the enemy team. You can check out Dexerto’s preview right here for a breakdown.


It turns out that the Jet Set Radio-inspired city has become a hit with Twitch streamers, and it’s skyrocketing in popularity.

Knockout City
Velan Studios / EA Originals
Battling your way through the colorful streets of Knockout City isn’t easy.

Knockout City goes viral on Twitch

Despite only having released on May 21, the title has accrued some impressive Twitch states, and has already created some amazing moments.

With over 4 million hours watched in the 7 days it’s been out, and 891 channels streaming the game already, it seems like Knockout City has been quite the hit with fans everywhere.

And it’s not just smaller channels that have chosen to dip their toes into the dodgeball-themed title. It’s heavy hitters such as Sykkuno, Hafu, and TimTheTatman.


The new Fall Guys?

As many of us remember, Fall Guys was one of the many titles that thrived for a spell in 2020. All of the biggest Twitch streamers gave the title a shot, and it dominated the platform for a month.

Towards the end of 2020, though, it completely fell off of a cliff. Just like Among Us, the fun cartoon game has been left on the shelf to gather dust, as streamer’s move on to the next big thing.

While Knockout City may just be another flash in the pan, it seems like EA are intent on ensuring it stays in the limelight.


With rotating events, continuous new cosmetics, and the potential for a thriving competitive scene, Velan Studios have created a game that has a good amount of replayability. It’s these new features that streamers like Valkyrae argue are key to maintaining player and viewer interest.

Knockout City
Velan Studios
With a range of customization options, Velan are working to keep Knockout City fresh.

So will Knockout City be another Fall Guys? We’ll have to wait and see. The future looks bright, though, and it’ll be interesting to see how it evolves.

Knockout City released on 21 May, 2021. All of the details can be found here.