Kingdom Hearts 4 announced but all people can talk about is Sora’s shoe size

kingdom hearts 4 soraSquare Enix

Square Enix shocked the gaming world on April 10 when they revealed that Kingdom Hearts 4 is in the works. Although the game’s announcement stunned fans, Sora’s new appearance stole the show.

Japanese gaming giant Square Enix hosted the Kingdom Hearts’ 20th-anniversary celebration on April 10, 2022.

While there were tons of announcements from the show, most notable was the reveal of Kingdom Hearts 4. Only three years removed from Kingdom Hearts 3’s release, many fans weren’t expecting a new entry in the franchise so soon.

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Although the game’s new art style was shocking in itself, one specific change to Sora got social media losing its mind.

sora donald and goofySquare Enix
Sora looks radically different in Kingdom Hearts 4 compared to his previous cartoonish self.

Kingdom Hearts 4 actually changes Sora’s shoe size

Sora’s been one of the most iconic characters in gaming since he premiered with the first Kingdom Hearts game all the way back in 2002. He’s also always been known for one trait: his massive yellow clown shoes.

With the reveal of KH4 though, the franchise is going in a completely different direction artistically by giving the Keyblade wielder regular sized feet.

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This means his massive shoes are no longer. In the trailer for Kingdom Hearts 4 we saw the protagonist rocking what look like high-top Converse. This change captivated social media users and KH fans, who were stunned by the choice.

“The CRAZIEST part of the KH4 trailer reveal is…SORA IS FINALLY WEARING NORMAL SHOES,” one Kingdom Hearts fan wrote.

Another Twitter user was jokingly pissed off about Sora’s newly shrunken feet.

“Giving Sora normal-sized shoes and feet is the most f**ked up thing you could do after 20 years of this.”

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The jokes kept rolling in as the sarcastic outrage over the change to Sora’s shoe simply wouldn’t stop. One KH fan said, “You come into my house, on MY weekend.. and you put regular sized shoes on Sora in KH4. You disrespect me and my family this way.”

It’s certainly been a rollercoaster of a day for Kingdom Hearts fans, and even if you actually don’t care that much about KH4’s visuals, there’s still a ton to be excited about for the future of the franchise.

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