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KFC Gaming’s chicken-heating KFConsole is actually real – gaming specs, info, release, price

Published: 22/Dec/2020 22:11 Updated: 23/Dec/2020 0:32

by Bill Cooney


Fried Chicken fast-food chain KFC has partnered with PC hardware manufacturer Cooler Master to bring us the first video game console that’s capable of keeping chicken hot and toasty between rounds – and yes, we are being completely serious.

“KFC Gaming” has become a meme in itself on social media, and we would say it’s one of the most successful esports marketing ploys we’ve seen of late. Back in June, they actually teased the “KFConsole” but everyone assumed it was just a clever joke; oh how wrong we were.

Out of nowhere, on Dec. 22, KFC Gaming dropped a trailer finally giving us our first look at the technological masterpiece, which seems completely real, and actually boasts impressive specs for a battle station that can also keep fried chicken warm while you’re fragging out.


We know, we know, you must be thinking “A PC/console that can keep food hot? You must be losing it,” and to be honest we thought the same thing when we saw the trailer that claims the whole of human advancement has led us to this moment.

But, it actually seems to be legit from what we can tell, with Cooler Master dedicating an entire detailed specs page to this oddity, so let’s dive right in and take a look at what’s under the hood, and when you can pick it up for yourself.

KFConsole hardware & gaming specs

KFC Gaming
It might look sleek, but we bet it smells even better.

According to Cooler Master, the KFConsole boasts an Intel Nuc 9 extreme compute element (which retails for about $1,500 on its own) as the CPU component.


While it doesn’t specify which graphics card (GPU) will come along with it, the KFConsole does claim to have the “first of its kind hot-swappable GPU slot,” so you’ll be able to change out GPUs without shutting down the system altogether. A feature Cooler Master says will allow it to “stay the most powerful console for generations to come.”

Two Seagate BarraCuda 1TB SSDs top it all off, and make this a rig a powerful one, so powerful, KFC Gaming claims it can play Cyberpunk: 2077 “better than any other console.” What does this all add up to? Well, according to the announcement, this new beast will have the following features:

  • VR Ready
  • Ray Tracing
  • 240FPS with up to 240HZ output
  • 4k-TV Gaming
Cooler Master
Performance specs for the KFConsole from Cooler Master.

But there’s one more burning question we have, how does it keep the chicken hot?

To do that, the build will utilize “the systems natural heat and airflow system” to keep your tenders, fried chicken, or other poultry products piping hot between rounds.

It does remain to be seen though exactly how the rest of the components will stay cool while still keeping the food on top warm enough to enjoy.

Cooler Master
In case you haven’t been convinced, they’ve even provided a blueprint.

KFConsole release date and price

We are definitely excited to get our hands on this groundbreaking tech and try it out for ourselves, but sadly neither KFC Gaming nor Cooler Master has revealed how much it will cost, or a possible release date just yet (if it does actually go to market in the first place).

Based on the specs and parts that have been revealed, we can estimate it to be roughly around $2,000, and that’s not counting the GPU (which was unspecified) and any other additional costs that KFC Gaming or Cooler Master decide to tack on.

KFC Gaming
Don’t worry, there’s solid plastic under the tray so you don’t get fried chicken crumbs on your hardware.

Based on the social media response to the console’s reveal, KFC Gaming might just be onto something here, so we wouldn’t be surprised if the KFConsole, ridiculous as it seems, is a hit if it’s able to do what it says.

Now we’ll just have to wait and see if they plan on actually releasing it or if all of this is just one giant early April Fool’s joke.