Just Dance 2023 review – More of the same with a killer soundtrack

A screenshot taken for the Just Dance 2023 reviewUbisoft

Just Dance 2023 is pretty much the same game you know and love (or love to hate), but a few quality-of-life upgrades and a brilliant song list make this the best entry into the franchise so far.

As another year comes to an end, another Just Dance emerges – although this time around there’s a big focus on live services, with online multiplayer and a new premium Just Dance+ subscription launching.

But before we get into all of that, you’ll be pleased to hear that this year’s 40-strong tracklist is as solid as ever, with catchy songs from across the decades and loads of dazzling visuals to accompany them.

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If you love dancing and don’t mind embarrassing yourself in front of your friends, then Just Dance 2023 is probably the best party game for you.

Just Dance key details

  • Developer: Ubisoft
  • Price: $59.99 / £49.99
  • Release date: November 22, 2022
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S

Just Dance trailer

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

At its core, Just Dance 2023 remains the same as every other Just Dance game you’ve played; Pose and swing the controller along with the colorful avatar on-screen, matching incoming prompts and putting in extra effort for Gold Moves that hand out bonus points when matched.

There’s really not much more to Just Dance than that – and anyone who’s ever tried to game the system will know that you can sit down and wave the controller about and still score pretty highly – but these games aren’t about high-tech equipment or complex gameplay, they’re about having fun and giving yourself over to the pop star fantasy.

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A screenshot from Just Dance 2023Ubisoft

After playing Just Dance with friends (and a few cocktails), I can confirm that Just Dance 2023 is just as fun as it’s ever been. A game like this can live or die by its song choices, but the team at Ubisoft have done a great job of making sure there’s something for everyone in the mix.

A song list that’ll get you up on your feet

There are current hits like As It Was by Harry Styles and Doja Cat’s Woman; songs for pop purists who can’t let their teen years go like Taylor Swift’s I Knew You Were Trouble and Toxic by Britney Spears; and golden classics including Disco Inferno and Walking On Sunshine.

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While the song list does lean towards recent American hits, there’s a huge variety of artists on offer, from Linkin Park to Evanescence for the rockers, Red Velvet and ITZY for the K-Pop fans, and even drag diva RuPaul’s iconic track Sissy That Walk for those who want to truly steal the spotlight.

A screenshot of Toxic in Just Dance 2023Ubisoft

This isn’t really anything new for Just Dance, as recent editions have typically managed to strike a nice balance between instantly recognizable tracks and some more unexpected choices, but as a huge music fan, it’s nice to see that Ubisoft can still keep fans on their toes this far into the game.

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The visuals are on-point this time around, too, with vibrant and unique worlds elevating each track. Some of my favorites include the retro 16-Bit video for Danger! High Voltage by Electric Six and watching the Encanto cast dance to We Don’t Talk About Bruno, but every track is lovely to watch.

So what’s new in Just Dance 2023?

If you’ve ever played a Just Dance game, you’ll know what to expect – although there are a few changes this time around, including a much better user interface, a revamped art style that really pops off the screen, and online multiplayer so you can play with up to five friends around the world.

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As well as the promise of free content updates throughout the year, Just Dance 2023 also launches alongside a new paid-for subscription called Just Dance+ that lets you stream a selection of tracks from previous games, so if you’ve exhausted the 40 included songs you’ll still have more bops to discover.

At $3.99 (or £3.29) a month, it’s easily one of the most affordable in-game subscriptions we’ve seen in recent years – and each copy of the game comes with a one-month trial which is nice.

A screenshot of the Just Dance 2023 menuUbisoft

Just Dance succeeds as a party game mostly because it has such a low barrier to entry, both in terms of gaming ability and cost, and that continues in the 2023 edition. After downloading the free app, you can use your phone as a controller, meaning there’s no need to purchase extra peripherals or controllers so your friends can join in.

I will say, though, that waving a phone around to more energetic tracks like Dua Lipa’s Physical and CLiQ’s Anything I Do is a little nerve-wracking, and my group’s phones would randomly disconnect from the game every now and then, so I do think the traditional Joycon is the better choice where possible.

The Verdict – 4/5

Just Dance 2023 is the best Just Dance yet, although given how simple the concept is and how long the franchise has been around for, that’s not a massive achievement. This is still the simple party game it’s always been, but there’s a solid tracklist, some dazzling visuals, and the promise of more content to come down the line which makes it worth the investment for anyone who loves to boogie.

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch