Just Cause devs new roguelike Ravenbound gameplay revealed in leak

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a concept image of ravebound by avalanche studios
Avalanche Studios

Just Cause and Mad Max developers Avalanche Studios are set to develop a roguelike RPG titled Ravenbound: Tales of Avalt.

Avalanche Studios, famous for developing the open-world Just Cause franchise, is shifting gears by entering the fantasy genre. After years of exploring chaotic action and bringing Mad Max to modern consoles, leaks have revealed the devs are working on a roguelike title.

The studio has been rumored to be entering the realm of fantasy for some time, but now, leaked images from an early build have appeared online.

an image of Mad Max by Avalanche Studios
Avalanche Studios
Avalanche Studios adapted George Miller’s Mad Max franchise into a faithful open-world game.

Ravenbound: Tales of Avalt to be a third-person fantasy game

Images of Avalanche Studios’ Ravenbound: Tales of Avalt were originally revealed by leaker Shaun Weber, but were immediately taken down. Now, fellow leaker Rebs Gaming has reposted the images which showcase the world of the third-person fantasy game.

It appears that Ravenbound will focus on melee-orientated combat, set within the fictional world of Avalt. According to information obtained by industry insider Tom Henderson, players will be a “vessel of the Raven” as they roam the game’s world to battle an invading force.

Ravenbound will reportedly feature a mechanic that turns players into a raven, allowing them to gain a different perspective on the world around them. This will help players assess the level of enemy difficulty that could lay ahead.

If the player dies in combat they will be able to respawn as one of three vessels that contain unique abilities.

While an official announcement is yet to be made by the devs, Avalanche Studios are also prepping Contraband for release on Xbox Series S|X consoles.

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