JoeWo claims the current Warzone meta is the worst ever: “Worse than DMR meta”

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Warzone’s weapon meta constantly changes with every new update, but JoeWo believes the current state of the game is worse than the DMR meta.

Every update brings something new to Warzone. From new map POIs to weapons, there is always something that keeps the game fresh. However, there are times when the weapon meta can become incredibly stale. This is largely down to players gravitating towards certain guns.

After all, the best Warzone weapons can give you a huge advantage over your competitors. Not only do they come packed with the best-in-class DPS, but they’re also incredibly easy to use, which makes them widely accessible to all skill levels.

However, JoeWo now believes Warzone has hit a point where the current weapon meta is worse than the DMR meta. Here’s what the streamer had to say on this matter.

JoeWo on current Warzone meta

“I feel like, at this point, it’s literally impossible to use non-meta guns,” explained JoeWo. “I’m not even kidding. It’s taken me four days for an AMAX gameplay. It’s because everyone runs Blixen and NZ-41.”

To put this into perspective, the NZ-41 is currently the best AR in the game and has a staggering 16.16% pick rate. If that wasn’t enough, its K/D is 1.27 and current win rate sits at 4.04%.

Meanwhile, the Blixen has a lower pick rate of 6.42% but has a whopping 1.60 K/D and 5.46% win rate. Both guns absolutely dominate the other weapons in their respective categories, which makes it rather tricky to utilize anything else – especially for those that want a competitive edge.

“I’m not even joking. This meta is worse than the DMR meta. I’m not even trolling. They have nerfed the NZ-41 like six times.” It’s certainly a frustrating issue, especially when there are so many guns that are available within the game.

Hopefully, the developers will provide some necessary nerfs in the upcoming Warzone Pacific Season 4 Reloaded update. Until then, don’t be too surprised if you see NZ-41 and Blixen loadouts everywhere.