Valheim on consoles: PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch release details

valheim player holding up weaponIron Gate Studio

Valheim is an open-world survival game based on the setting and surroundings of Viking times. The game has experienced great success on PC and today we’ll delve into the latest details on the game’s future on consoles, namely PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

From mean bosses to relaxing pastimes such as fishing, there’s plenty of fun stuff to do in Valheim. These are just some of the reasons why the survival game has remained popular so long after its release and has got people wondering if the game may come to consoles at some point.

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The game has only been available to PC players since its release in February 2021, so today, we’ll clear up whether or not Iron Gate’s open-world Viking game will be heading to consoles, and if so, which platforms will Valheim release on?


house in valheimIron Gate Studio
PC players have had Valheim all to their selves for a while.

Will Valheim be coming to PS4 or PS5?

During an appearance on the Xbox Expansion Pass podcast, lead developer Jonathan Smårs confirmed there are no plans to port Valheim to PlayStation hardware.

Smårs added, “currently, we’re only looking at the Xbox.” But the developer did end this note with a hint that, “you never know” in terms of whether or not a PS5 port is possible.

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Will Valheim be coming to Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S?

Developers previously confirmed that Valheim would land on Xbox platforms in 2023. Though this version of the Norse game did experience a delay, Iron Gate Studios has kept its promise. Valheim is playable now on Xbox, Xbox Game Pass, and PC Game Pass.

While speaking with Xbox Expansion Pass, Jonathan Smårs divulged that Microsoft approached the developer and its publisher, Coffee Stain Publishing, about bringing the survival game to Xbox. It’s presently unclear whether this means there’s a timed-exclusivity deal involved.

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Will Valheim be coming to Nintendo Switch?

Just like PlayStation users, Switch players hoping for a Valheim port, it appears as if the Nintendo Switch won’t be getting a Valheim Switch version anytime soon.

There’s still no word on why, it could either be a licensing agreement, or a developer obstacle, but either way, we’ll be sure to let you know if these circumstances change.

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