Is Hi-Fi Rush on PS4 and PS5?

an image of Chai in Hi-Fi RushBethesda

Hi-Fi Rush is a new animated rhythm adventure game released by Bethesda and Tango Game Works, but is it available on PS4 and PS5?

Out of every anticipated announcement in Xbox & Bethesda Developer Direct, Hi-Fi Rush took everyone by surprise. This secret project was developed by Tango Gameworks, who were cooking the game up all along without giving a single hint to the world.

In case you are wondering what the game is all about, it’s a fighting adventure game where you manipulate the entire story, and the world around you to the music you’re playing. However, is Hi-Fi Rush available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5? Let’s find out.

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Hi-Fi Rush artworkTango Gameworks
Hi-Fi Rush is unlike any other game Tango Gameworks released before.

Is Hi-Fi Rush available on PS4 and PS5?

Unfortunately, Hi-Fi Rush is neither available on PS4 nor PS5 at the time of writing. The game is exclusive to PC and Xbox only. You may either opt for purchasing it upfront from the Steam or Epic Games Store, but if you have a valid Xbox Game Pass subscription, then you can download it for free and start enjoying the rhythm adventure game now.

Our guide here has all the steps mentioned on how to download Hi-Fi Rush on Xbox Game Pass. It is completely single-player in nature and does not feature any kind of co-op or multiplayer. The PC requirements are also not too demanding, which means you can easily enjoy the game on a system that lacks the juice to run graphically demanding AAA games.

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Alternatively, if you want to know what Hi-Fi Rush is all about, our hub has explained everything in detail.

So, there you have it — that’s everything we know about Hi-Fi Rush’s availability on PS4 and PS5. Be sure you check out our gaming page for all the latest news and guides on all the upcoming titles.